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The Nexus is a space station in the Zheng He star system. It is designed as the central support hub and temporary housing in Andromeda. Inspired by the Citadel, it is smaller and more streamlined than its Milky Way counterpart. While the Nexus will be largely functional at launch, many elements of its construction are only scheduled for completion upon arrival in Andromeda. Docked to the Nexus, the arks will provide additional power and storage to the station.


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Intended as a safe anchorage, embassy, and financial center, the Nexus is a vast space station sent ahead of the main ark fleet. It traveled to Andromeda in an incomplete state to reduce fuel demands, with construction planned to be completed within a standard year after arrival. However, syncing with Nexus databases reveals that damage from the Scourge has set the timetable back significantly.

Returning arks anchor at the Nexus' central wheel, integrating their power grid and off-loading colonists for orientation and temporary housing before deployment to outposts. The Nexus collates and manages the resources which form the basis of the Initiative's economy, coordinates scientific research and defense, and acts as headquarters for Pathfinder teams. Once outposts are established, the Nexus will become the permanent seat of government for the Initiative.


  • Length: 15.47km
  • Vane Width (Widest Point): 4.9km
  • Anchorage Wheel Diameter: 5.3km
  • Gross Weight: 2.2 billion metric tons
  • Max. population (when complete): 2.7 million



  • Andromeda Initiative Director: Jarun Tann, a male salarian, is the acting director, overseeing Initiative operations and strategy and supervising the Pathfinder teams.
  • Director of Colonial Affairs: Foster Addison, a female human, oversees all colonization logistics for the Andromeda Initiative, making sure all settlements are up and running and colonists have a place to live.
  • Nexus Superintendent: Nakmor Kesh, a female krogan, is the station superintendent, overseeing station maintenance and continuing construction.
  • Nexus Security: Tiran Kandros, a male turian, is currently responsible for Nexus security.


The following missions take place or are acquired on the Nexus:

Priority Ops
Allies and Relationships
Heleus Assignments
Additional Tasks

Tram station[]

The tram station is the main transportation mode between areas on the Nexus and the Hyperion.

There are four tram stations located on the Nexus and the Hyperion. Interacting with a tram station terminal allows travel to any of the other three areas.

Available choices to travel to will show up as an interaction points that have to be actively selected before travel will be initiated to the destination.

During Prologue: Hyperion and Nexus Reunion, the tram terminal will display Hyperion Nav Directory. After Nexus Reunion, the tram station terminal will only display the Nexus Nav Directory terminal.

The Hyperion Nav Directory and the Nexus Nav Directory display the same images and maps no matter which terminal is accessed. The images and maps displayed are also static and do not change throughout the course of the game.

After events in Meridian: The Way Home, the Hyperion choices will no longer be available to use on the tram station.



Heleus News Service (HNS) entries[]


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1 Monkeys in Space is exclusive to Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions.
2 Despite what the tram station terminal says, the tram doesn't connect to the "Docking Bay" but instead connects the Common Area. The Docking Area can be found in the Common Area and there is no such location as the Docking Bay.