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Outlaws can be found throughout the Heleus Cluster. Some were exiled from the Nexus; some lost faith in Initiative leadership and broke away. While most raiders are encountered in small groups, there are two organizations with real structure and power. Both are headquartered on Kadara.

The Outcasts are led by Sloane Kelly, former head of Nexus security. They control Kadara Port and, therefore, access to the rest of Kadara.

The Collective is the greatest threat to Sloane Kelly and the Outcasts. Under the leadership of the Charlatan, they offer support, opportunity, and welcome to those exhausted by Sloane Kelly's tyranny.

Outlaw mobs[]

There are several types of outlaw enemy, each with different offensive and defensive capabilities.


The number of outlaws defeated can be tracked on the Accomplishments tab in the statistics menu.


Outlaws are the focus of the following challenges: