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When planets reach a minimum 40% viability level, and certain planetary specific objectives are met, Ryder can build an outpost.

Planetary outposts[]

The following planets can build outposts:

Colonists at outposts[]

Andromeda Initiative colonists are divided into "blocks" that are assigned to outposts. These blocks represent a diverse range of individuals and skillsets who can establish and start running an outpost: agricultural experts, civil engineers, scientists, miners, construction crews, medics, and other specialists that the outpost's location may require. When a suitable site is found, the Nexus wakes the appropriate block members from their cryogenic stasis and sends them to the location along with "first-in" colonist materials.

The early arrivals are responsible for constructing the first pre-fab buildings and establishing ISRU (in-situ resource utilization) processors. They use Pathfinder surveys to locate food, water, and mineral deposits, while others guard the fledgling outpost against local predators or hostiles as needed. Meanwhile, scientists and medical staff ensure that the outpost's colonists are healthy and begin to study the local ecology.

Every colonist has a diverse skillset. An individual may have specific qualifications as an engineer, but the Initiative also provides basic training in other disciplines - including self-defense, first aid, and survival skills - to over over-specialization.


Each outpost once established will act as a fast travel point Fast Travel Map Icon.png.

The number of outposts established can be tracked on the Accomplishments tab in the statistics menu.

Each time Ryder establishes a new outpost, The Vortex will update behind the bar with an outpost flag. There are four total flags that can be collected.

Achievements and trophies[]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned related to Outposts: