Mass Effect: Andromeda Wiki
Subsets Pathfinder, Scout, Vigilant
Blueprint Rarity Uncommon
Item Rarity Uncommon
Type Armor set
Bonus Types Damage Resistance, Weapon, Other
Blueprint Source Milky Way
Development Materials Omni-Gel Canister
Augmentation Slots 10

Pathfinder is an armor set consisting of four pieces.


Pathfinder hardsuits are heavily modified from the Initiative suit baseline, foregoing certain scientific instruments in favor of added combat capability. The role of a Pathfinder includes threat neutralization, and improved stabilizers and targeting controls help ensure they can protect his or her team. This custom suit incorporates defenses against technologies unique to Heleus Cluster species.



Name Damage Resistance Weapon Accuracy Power Restoration & Defense
Pathfinder Chest I +4 +5% +15%
Pathfinder Chest II +5 +8% +19%
Pathfinder Scout Chest III +7 +10% +23%
Pathfinder Scout Chest IV +8 +13% +26%
Pathfinder Vigilant Chest V +10 +15% +30%
Pathfinder Vigilant Chest VI +11 +16% +32%
Pathfinder Vigilant Chest VII +12 +17% +34%
Pathfinder Vigilant Chest VIII +13 +18% +36%
Pathfinder Vigilant Chest IX +14 +19% +38%
Pathfinder Vigilant Chest X +15 +20% +40%

Arms, Helmet, Legs[]

Name Damage Resistance Weapon Accuracy
Pathfinder Arms I
Pathfinder Helmet I
Pathfinder Legs I
+2 +5%
Pathfinder Arms II
Pathfinder Helmet II
Pathfinder Legs II
+3 +8%
Pathfinder Scout Arms III
Pathfinder Scout Helmet III
Pathfinder Scout Legs III
+4 +10%
Pathfinder Scout Arms IV
Pathfinder Scout Helmet IV
Pathfinder Scout Legs IV
+5 +13%
Pathfinder Vigilant Arms V
Pathfinder Vigilant Helmet V
Pathfinder Vigilant Legs V
+7 +15%
Pathfinder Vigilant Arms VI
Pathfinder Vigilant Helmet VI
Pathfinder Vigilant Legs VI
+8 +16%
Pathfinder Vigilant Arms VII
Pathfinder Vigilant Helmet VII
Pathfinder Vigilant Legs VII
+9 +17%
Pathfinder Vigilant Arms VIII
Pathfinder Vigilant Helmet VIII
Pathfinder Vigilant Legs VIII
+10 +18%
Pathfinder Vigilant Arms IX
Pathfinder Vigilant Helmet IX
Pathfinder Vigilant Legs IX
+11 +19%
Pathfinder Vigilant Arms X
Pathfinder Vigilant Helmet X
Pathfinder Vigilant Legs X
+12 +20%


Pathfinder armor can be purchased from the following merchants:

Depending upon the choice of twin, the armor pieces of this set will change in appearance slightly during gameplay. The female version is slightly smaller and more feminine in nature. The male version is slightly larger and more muscular in nature. There is no difference in armor performance based on gender.

The blueprint for Pathfinder Chest I isn't available to research or develop this chest armor piece. However, this armor piece can still be found during gameplay.

The Pathfinder Chest is the focus of the mission Task: Pathfinder Armor Crafting. Any tier of the chest can be developed to complete this mission.

Tier I Pathfinder Arms, Legs, and Helmets all use the Rare resource Titanium. For Tiers II-X, the requirement changes to the Rare resource Platinum.