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The Pathfinder HQ is a location in Operations on the Nexus station. It is a location where Pathfinders can share information and discuss progress.


Tann's Office is located downstairs from Pathfinder HQ.


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The Pathfinder Headquarters on the Nexus is designed to record and celebrate the achievements of the Initiative's Pathfinders, while also providing a space for them to relax and regroup when off-duty. The Pathfinder HQ is not normally open to the general populace, but Director Tann has permitted guided tours since Ark Hyperion's rendezvous with the Nexus.

The Pathfinder HQ preserves mission-significant items, mineral samples, and planetary surveys. If and when the initial settlement phase is complete, the Pathfinder HQ will contain a historical record of the Pathfinders' efforts to colonize Heleus. Meanwhile, Director Tann has established his offices here, as part of his duties in overseeing Pathfinder operations.



The following missions take place or are acquired in Pathfinder HQ:

Priority Ops
Allies and Relationships
Heleus Assignments
  • None
Additional Tasks





ESAV Majriti[]

Humanity's first crewed ion engine starship, built using technology proven by the ESA SMART-1 probe in 2003 CE.

ESAV Majriti.png


With solemn pride, we remember those who gave their lives in service of exploration and discovery.

Planetary Holo[]

Interacting with the Planetary Holo will open the viability terminal.

Planetary Holo - Pathfinder Hall.png

SSV Normandy SR-2[]

Secretly acquired blueprints of the SSV Normandy SR-2, a stealth frigate based on designs co-developed by the Systems Alliance and the Turian Hierarchy.

SSV Normandy SR-2.png

THV Ravuna[]

A model of the Ravuna, an early turian starship and their first to travel beyond a mass relay.

THV Ravuna.png


This area is unavailable until the end of the mission A Better Beginning.

Despite what the objective states for Nexus Reunion, Jarun Tann is located in Tann's Office and not Pathfinder HQ.

1 Lumont Hayjer will only appear in Pathfinder HQ if Ryder didn't save Zevin Raeka during Hunting the Archon.
2 Zevin Raeka will only appear in Pathfinder HQ if Ryder did save Zevin Raeka during Hunting the Archon.