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Pathfinder Team Field Manual
Pathfinder Team Field Manual
Location Hyperion Locker Room

Pathfinder Team Field Manual is the name of two Datapads found in the Hyperion locker room during Prologue: Hyperion.


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**First Contact Protocol**

In the event any member of the Pathfinder Team encounters intelligent alien life, it is imperative that "first contact" protocols be strictly observed. The Andromeda Initiative holds the principles of peace and cooperation among our highest ideals. Aggressive action against extraterrestrials is only permitted when hostile intent is clearly demonstrated and Pathfinder team members are at obvious risk of injury or death.


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As a member of the Pathfinder Team, you play a critical role in the Andromeda Initiative's efforts to establish a foothold in the new galaxy. The team faces many challenges:

- Golden world site verification
- Reconnaissance and mapping of unknown territories (planetary and celestial)
- Scientific analysis and discovery of new phenomenon
- Potential first contact with extraterrestrials
- Establishing diplomatic relations with local inhabitants
- General support of settlement outposts

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