Personal Log 3: Ryota Nakamoto

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Personal Log 3: Ryota Nakamoto
Personal Log 3: Ryota Nakamoto
Location Kadara

Personal Log 3: Ryota Nakamoto is one of the terminal entries located in the Kadara Slums on Kadara. It can be found in the shipping crate above Dr. Ryota Nakamoto's clinic.

Text[edit | edit source]

New entry: This morning I discovered someone mysteriously wired credits to my omni-tool. I think it's the same anonymous donor who keeps leaving supplies in the clinic.

I asked Kian, the bartender at Tartarus, who my benefactor might be. He thinks it's the Charlatan. Apparently, it's common for the Collective to give gifts to potential recruits. I've no interest in joining them—I didn't quit Sloane's gang to join another—but I'm in no position to refuse supplies. As long as they keep coming, I'll keep using them.


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