Prestige Menu.png
The Prestige Menu

Prestige contains the collections, challenges, leaderboards, and bonus stats for a player in multiplayer.


The prestige menu gives the ability to review actions and items collected during multiplayer game play.

This menu leads to four detailed menus and there isn't anything you can do in the Prestige menu.

Detailed menus


Challenges - General Menu.png
The Challenges Menu
View the list of challenges that unlock rewards upon completion.


Collection - Characters Menu.png
The Collections Menu
Examine the full inventory of items you can collect in multiplayer mode.


Leaderboards Menu.png
The Leaderboards Menu
See how you stack up against your friends or all players globally.

Bonus Stats

Bonus Stats Menu.png
The Bonus Stats Menu
Track the progress of your Bonus Stats, which improve all of your characters.
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