Mass Effect: Andromeda Wiki
Classification Enemy
A basic assailant outfitted with mid- to long-range weaponry.

Raider is an Outlaw mob enemy.


The outlaw bands of the Heleus Cluster are diverse. Some were individuals who joined the Andromeda Initiative as an escape from the Milky Way; some were exiled after the Nexus uprising; others chose to seek their fortune elsewhere. Most of these individuals survive by raiding outposts or wandering exploration teams.

While not particularly organized or well-equipped, these raiders present a risk to undefended colonists. Most prefer to extort supplies and equipment rather than risk themselves, but when provoked or desperate, they will resort to deadly force.


Raiders are health-only enemies. Health Bar - Normal.png They wield an assault rifle and throw explosive grenades.


The Raider can be scanned for Aid APEX. Angaran, Outlaw, and Roekaar Raiders count separately toward Aid APEX and provide Research Data based on origin.