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Disambig.png This article is about the armor set. For the multiplayer tech skill, see Remnant Armor (multiplayer).
Remnant Heritage
Remnant Heritage
Subsets Legacy, Heritage, Reborn
Blueprint Rarity Rare
Item Rarity Rare
Type Armor set
Bonus Types Damage Resistance, Health, Shields
Blueprint Source Remnant
RD Cost Chest 100 + 10 per tier
RD Cost Each Extremity 50 + 5 per tier
RD Cost Full Set 3,625
Development Materials Remnant Polymer
Augmentation Slots 10

Remnant Heritage is an armor set consisting of four pieces.


This armor was designed from scratch by the Initiative using Remnant technology. Its servos, microframe computer, and kinetic barrier generators are all dependent on Remnant science and artifacts. This resilient and regenerative hardsuit has an energy surplus. Upgrades allow for finer computer control of all internal systems.



Name Damage Resistance Health Regeneration Shield Regeneration Health & Shield Regeneration Delay Reduction
Remnant Legacy Chest I +4 +5% +5% +15%
Remnant Legacy Chest II +5 +7% +7% +19%
Remnant Heritage Chest III +7 +9% +9% +23%
Remnant Heritage Chest IV +8 +10% +10% +26%
Remnant Reborn Chest V +10 +12% +12% +30%
Remnant Reborn Chest VI +11 +13% +13% +32%
Remnant Reborn Chest VII +12 +14% +14% +34%
Remnant Reborn Chest VIII +13 +15% +15% +36%
Remnant Reborn Chest IX +14 +16% +16% +38%
Remnant Reborn Chest X +15 +17% +17% +40%

Arms, Helmet, Legs[]

Name Damage Resistance Health Regeneration Shield Regeneration
Remnant Legacy Arms I
Remnant Legacy Helmet I
Remnant Legacy Legs I
+2 +5% +5%
Remnant Legacy Arms II
Remnant Legacy Helmet II
Remnant Legacy Legs II
+3 +7% +7%
Remnant Heritage Arms III
Remnant Heritage Helmet III
Remnant Heritage Legs III
+4 +9% +9%
Remnant Heritage Arms IV
Remnant Heritage Helmet IV
Remnant Heritage Legs IV
+5 +10% +10%
Remnant Reborn Arms V
Remnant Reborn Helmet V
Remnant Reborn Legs V
+7 +12% +12%
Remnant Reborn Arms VI
Remnant Reborn Helmet VI
Remnant Reborn Legs VI
+8 +13% +13%
Remnant Reborn Arms VII
Remnant Reborn Helmet VII
Remnant Reborn Legs VII
+9 +14% +14%
Remnant Reborn Arms VIII
Remnant Reborn Helmet VIII
Remnant Reborn Legs VIII
+10 +15% +15%
Remnant Reborn Arms IX
Remnant Reborn Helmet IX
Remnant Reborn Legs IX
+11 +16% +16%
Remnant Reborn Arms X
Remnant Reborn Helmet X
Remnant Reborn Legs X
+12 +17% +17%


Depending upon the choice of twin, the armor pieces of this set will change in appearance slightly during gameplay. The female version is slightly smaller and more feminine in nature. The male version is slightly larger and more muscular in nature. There is no difference in armor performance based on gender.

Tier I Remnant Arms, Legs, and Helmets all use the Rare resource Titanium. For Tiers II-X, the requirement changes to the Rare resource Platinum.

The Remnant Chest Tiers I-VI & VIII-X use the Rare resource Titanium. At Tier VII, the requirement changes to the Rare resource Platinum.