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Remnant Core
Remnant Core
Rarity Ultra Rare
Type Bio material
Base Cost N/A
Icon Remnant Core Icon.png
This compact core of Remnant circuitry and power cells has a limited self-repair capability. Properly stimulated, it might be able to "seed" similar tech into other devices.

Remnant Core is a bio material resource.


These cores may be acquired by defeating Remnant Architects in the wild and interfacing with them, or by discovering them inside vaults.


Remnant Cores can be used in developing the following items:


Amount Required[]

The total amount of remnant core required to develop a single copy of each item/tier that uses this resource is 54 units.


  • Take care when spending remnant core to develop items. This resource can't be purchased at a merchant and can only rarely be found during gamplay.
  • If Ryder favors Heleus Armor, it might be worth investing AVP in the Reconnaissance cryo pod perk, as revealed hidden cache Hidden Cache Map Icon.png Remnant containers often have 3 remnant cores.
  • The Heleus Defender Helmet I, II, III, IV, and V when deconstructed return the incorrect resource type and quantity of Element Zero instead of Remnant Core.
  • When deconstructing items that use remnant core during development, only a single item out of twenty total items - Heleus Icon Armor X - will return a single unit (1) of remnant core. The remaining nineteen items using this material WILL NOT return remnant core.

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