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Remnant Decryption Key
Remnant Decryption Key
Rarity Uncommon
Type Special item
Base Cost 480
Icon Special Item Remnant Icon.png
Remnant decryption keys can be used to bypass any glyph-locked Remnant console. Unfortunately, the key is always destroyed in the process.

Remnant Decryption Key is a special item. It can be purchased from some merchants or found in Remnant facilities. A Remnant Decryption Key can be used to bypass most Remnant decryption puzzles.


The Remnant Decryption Key can be purchased from the following merchants:

It is VERY important to note that these keys have a stacking limit of 9. Attempting to pick up a tenth key will result in an Inventory Full screen even if you have extra space in your Inventory. This is the only item that has its own inventory limit. Extra keys may be sold.

Despite the description stating that "any" puzzle can be bypassed, two puzzles cannot be overridden. Taming a Desert and The Journey to Meridian contain those puzzles.

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