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Research Data during scanning

Research Data, or RD, is the currency used to purchase upgrade blueprints for weapons, armor, the ND1 Nomad, and augmentations.


There are three different types of research data that match the three different technologies seen in the Research and Development screens.

  • Milky Way RD Icon.png Milky Way - Data related to the colonists and their equipment.
  • Heleus RD Icon.png Heleus - Data related to the various species discovered in Andromeda (except for Remnant).
  • Remnant RD Icon.png Remnant - Data related to mysterious abandoned technology.


There are a number of ways to gain research data.


Most research data is gained through use of the scanner. The scanner will beep and flash an icon in the bottom left corner on the screen if something nearby is scannable. (The exact icon depends upon the platform the game is being played on). But it's worth scanning everything in a new environment. Not everything will provide research data points, but unless Ryder is being attacked, it's worth trying. Even if the squad is engaged, Ryder might be able to get a quick scan of an enemy or other mobile before engaging.

Cryo pod perks[]

Research points are also available and affected by certain Science cryo pod perks. It should be noted that the Improved Development and Improved Development II perks do not affect research data points gained from Task: Unearthed, Task: Gone Dark, or from scanning mineral nodes.

If Ryder favors gear based on Heleus or Remnant technology, it is worth acquiring Improved Development and Improved Development II as soon as possible. These two research data types are almost exclusively found by scanning and these sources are limited.

Strike team rewards[]

Successful Strike Team APEX missions will be rewarded with 30 research data points.


There are many sources of research data throughout Heleus.

  • Most items found in the wild (or in civilized spaces) will give research data. Objects such as shuttles, furniture, equipment, even cleaning supplies, may be scanned for +10 RD.
  • Mineral nodes can provide RD, though, oddly, not the samples used for Task: Hitting Rocks For Science.
  • Some plants may provide RD, but, again, not those used for Task: Cultivation.
  • Creatures and enemies are an excellent source of RD, giving +50 RD for each new sample.
  • Some planetary anomalies also provide +50 RD on scanning using the Tempest. For a complete list of anomalies that can be scanned, see Tempest Scanning Rewards.
  • Cleverly hidden RD can be found venturing off the beaten path. These are known as orphan RD items because it is unlikely to come across these unless specifically exploring to find them. For a complete list of all orphan research data items, see Research Data Orphans.

There are four items found throughout Heleus which provide +100 RD when scanned.

Adapted Initiative Core Tech[]

Adapted Initiative Core Tech.png


  • Adapted apparatus
  • Unique operation
  • Action: Updating Initiative operational standards


Recovery aside, this device is valuable for its non-standard adaptation of Initiative technologies for Heleus-specific operation. Field-improvised devices leap-frog development cycles and provide significant research potential.

Adaptive Remnant Core Device[]

Adaptive Remnant Core Device.png


  • Macro-adaptive core
  • Self-repair evident
  • Action: Cataloging Remnant capacities and tolerances


The adaptability of this rare device suggests that it may actively bridge other Remnant systems in a way we can't yet emulate. It provides significant research potential for Initiative technologies.

Angaran Integrated Tech Node[]

Angaran Integrated Tech Node.png


  • Core system mode
  • Interlink-expansion (practical)
  • Aya coordination avail.


Angaran technology demonstrates many key superiorities, from design efficiencies to material usage. With research coordination between the Initiative and the angara, these complicated nodes represent significant value.

Kett Core Encryption Tech[]

Kett Core Encryption Tech.png


  • Intact bioneural core
  • Primo-didactic relay
  • Action: Immediate forensic system deconstruction


A networking device of uncertain purpose, but clearly reinforcing a kett model of bio-modularity. It is of immediate value, and the potential for research insight is profound.

Explosive Canisters[]

There are four types of explosive canisters.

  • Charged Element Zero Stasis
  • Coolant Containment
  • Dischargeable Supercapacitor
  • Explosive Materials

Each of the canister types comes in one of four technology styles.

  • Milky Way
  • Angaran
  • Kett
  • Remnant

RD is awarded for each type of canister, but not for each style. Technology style determines which RD is awarded for scanning an explosive canister. If you scan a Milky Way Explosive Materials canister first, you get +10 Milky Way RD. Thereafter, all other styles of Explosive Materials appear as light-yellow scanned. Only the first scan of each canister type will award RD, for a total of +40 RD.

Each canister has a color or glow that make it easy to distinguish what it is without scanning. The images below show the four colors: purple, light blue, yellow, and red.

Research Data Required[]

The RD total listed is the amount required to purchase every item/tier.

Refer to each individual item page for details on the specific research requirements.

Milky Way RD[]

Icon Name Type RD
Aerial Lubricant Icon.png Aerial Lubricant Augmentation 50
Aerial Performance Optimizer Icon.png Aerial Performance Optimizer Augmentation 50
Aerial Stabilizer Icon.png Aerial Stabilizer Augmentation 50
Melee Ultra Rare.png Asari Sword Weapon 2625
SR Ultra Rare.png Black Widow Weapon 2625
Pistol Common.png Charger Weapon 1450
AR Uncommon.png Cyclone Weapon 1450
Electrical Conduits Icon.png Electrical Conduits Augmentation 200
Equilibrium Regulator Icon.png Equilibrium Regulator Augmentation 50
Grenade Launcher Icon.png Grenade Launcher Augmentation 200
Uncommon Arms Icon.png HyperGuardian Arms Armor 575
Uncommon Chest Icon.png HyperGuardian Chest Armor 1150
Uncommon Helmet Icon.png HyperGuardian Helmet Armor 575
Uncommon Legs Icon.png HyperGuardian Legs Armor 575
Melee Rare.png Krogan Hammer Weapon 1925
Pistol Rare.png M-25 Hornet Weapon 1925
AR Rare.png M-37 Falcon Weapon 1925
SR Rare.png M-90 Indra Weapon 1925
Uncommon Arms Icon.png N7 Arms Armor 575
Uncommon Chest Icon.png N7 Chest Armor 1450
SG Ultra Rare.png N7 Crusader Weapon 2625
Pistol Ultra Rare.png N7 Eagle Weapon 2625
Uncommon Helmet Icon.png N7 Helmet Armor 575
Pistol Ultra Rare.png N7 Hurricane Weapon 2625
Uncommon Legs Icon.png N7 Legs Armor 575
SG Ultra Rare.png N7 Piranha Weapon 1925
SR Ultra Rare.png N7 Valiant Weapon 2625
AR Ultra Rare.png N7 Valkyrie Weapon 2625
Rebalanced Field Coils Icon.png Rebalanced Field Coils Augmentation 50
SG Rare.png Reegar Carbine Weapon 1925
AR Rare.png Revenant Weapon 1925
SG Uncommon.png Ruzad Weapon 1450
AR Rare.png Sandstorm Weapon 1925
Pistol Rare.png Scorpion Weapon 1925
Pistol Rare.png Sidewinder Weapon 1925
Sticky Grenade Launcher Icon.png Sticky Grenade Launcher Augmentation 200
Pistol Rare.png Talon Weapon 1925
SR Rare.png Vanquisher Weapon 1925
Vintage Heat Sink Icon.png Vintage Heat Sink Augmentation 200
SG Rare.png Venom Weapon 1925
AR Rare.png X5 Ghost Weapon 1925
Total 56775

Heleus RD[]

Icon Name Type RD
Rare Arms Icon.png Angaran Arms Armor 575
Rare Chest Icon.png Angaran Chest Armor 1150
Melee Uncommon.png Angaran Firaan Weapon 1450
Rare Helmet Icon.png Angaran Helmet Armor 575
Rare Legs Icon.png Angaran Legs Armor 575
Battlefield Assist Module Icon.png Battlefield Assist Module Augmentation 50
Bio-Converter Icon.png Bio-Converter Augmentation 50
Concentration Module Icon.png Concentration Module Augmentation 50
Coolant Unit Icon.png Coolant Unit Augmentation 50
SG Ultra Rare.png Dhan Weapon 2625
Melee Rare.png Electric Firaan Weapon 1925
Ultra Rare Chest Icon.png Heleus Armor Armor 3650
Ultra Rare Helmet Icon.png Heleus Helmet Armor 1150
SG Rare.png Hesh Weapon 1925
SR Rare.png Isharay Weapon 1925
Rare Arms Icon.png Kett Arms Armor 725
Melee Rare.png Kett Carfalon Weapon 1925
Rare Chest Icon.png Kett Chest Armor 1450
Rare Helmet Icon.png Kett Helmet Armor 725
Rare Legs Icon.png Kett Legs Armor 725
Melee Ultra Rare.png Kett Vakarsh Weapon 2625
SR Rare.png Lanat Weapon 1925
SR Ultra Rare.png Naladen Weapon 2625
Plasma Charge System Icon.png Plasma Charge System Augmentation 200
Ricochet System Icon.png Ricochet System Augmentation 100
Pistol Ultra Rare.png Rozerad Weapon 2625
Seeking Plasma System Icon.png Seeking Plasma System Augmentation 100
AR Ultra Rare.png Soned Weapon 2625
AR Rare.png Thokin Weapon 1925
Pistol Ultra Rare.png Ushior Weapon 2625
AR Uncommon.png Zalkin Weapon 1925
Total 42665

Remnant RD[]

Icon Name Type RD
Beam Emitter Icon.png Beam Emitter Augmentation 200
Cryo Condenser Icon.png Cryo Condenser Augmentation 50
Pistol Rare.png Equalizer Weapon 1925
Heat Inducer Icon.png Heat Inducer Augmentation 50
SR Ultra Rare.png Inferno Weapon 2625
AR Ultra Rare.png P.A.W. Weapon 2625
Power Booster Icon.png Power Booster Augmentation 100
Rare Arms Icon.png Remnant Arms Armor 725
Rare Chest Icon.png Remnant Chest Armor 1450
Melee Ultra Rare.png Remnant Cryo-Gauntlet Weapon 2625
Rare Helmet Icon.png Remnant Helmet Armor 725
Rare Legs Icon.png Remnant Legs Armor 725
SG Rare.png Scattershot Weapon 2625
SR Rare.png Shadow Weapon 1925
Shield Disruptor Icon.png Shield Disruptor Augmentation 50
Shield Oscillator Icon.png Shield Oscillator Augmentation 200
Shield Sensors Icon.png Shield Sensors Augmentation 50
AR Rare.png Sweeper Weapon 1925
Total 20600