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Research Center - Site 1: Promise


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A Research Center is a research and development platform normally assigned to outposts and some select Initiative starships. Advanced minifacturing capability (small-scale manufacture) and information processing allows the Research Center to develop new technology and build it almost on the spot. They are also used to build powerful augmentations that enhance the capability of equipment.

Given the Initiative's current limitations, bandwidth and resource allocation to Resource Centers is carefully monitored. The Nexus underlines the importance of new discoveries by rewarding scans and information gathered via a points system. Commonly referred to as Research Data Points (RD), these can be used for access time at Research Centers to discover or create new blueprints.

First Availability[]

There are two places where Ryder can initially activate a research center and learn about the process of crafting. One is located on the Tempest and one will be encountered on Eos.

  • The Tempest research center is located in the Research Room and will be available as soon as Ryder boards the Tempest. As Ryder approaches the console in the Research Room, Liam remarks about the new "toy". Engage in conversation with him and after a brief chat about using what's available, the R&D interface will open.
  • If for some reason Ryder chooses not to speak with Liam on the Tempest, the next opportunity will be the Eos research center located at Site 1: Promise. After turning on the power at the failed outpost during A Better Beginning, there will be a new mission marker New Mission Map Icon.png in a building that will start the mission Task: Research Center Development.

First Activation[]

Whichever research center is activated first, a small amount of development materials are added to Ryder's Inventory:

These free resources support the development of the following Andromeda Initiative-issue weapons at Tier I:

If the blueprints have been collected from the Special Delivery Cache terminal, the following Pathfinder weapons may also be developed at Tier I:

Initial Research and Development Abilities[]

After activating a research center for the first time, only certain projects will be available for research and/or development.


Under Research:

  • Milky Way - All Milky Way weapons, armor, and augmentation projects are available to research.
  • Heleus - Kett weapons, kett armor, and all heleus augmentation projects are available to research.
  • Remnant - No projects are available and the menu space is occupied by a question mark Unknown Map Icon.png.


Under Development:

  • Milky Way Weapons - All Tier I blueprints for all Andromeda Initiative-issue weapons are available.
  • Milky Way Armor - All Tier I Initiative, Maverick, and Pathfinder armor pieces are available.

Unlocked Research and Development Abilities[]

Some of the research projects are locked. Certain milestones need to be crossed before those research areas can be unlocked.


Prodromos research center.png

There are research centers available for Ryder's use wherever the Initiative has established a presence. However, no research center is available at Port Meridian. Each forward station located in an outpost also includes a research center.

Planet Location Availability
Aya Docks Office After rescuing the Moshae
Elaaden1 Elaaden Outpost After Settling Elaaden
Elaaden1 Forward station, Elaaden Outpost Outpost established
Eos Prodromos During A Better Beginning
Eos Forward station, Prodromos Outpost established
Eos Site 1: Promise During A Better Beginning
Havarl Pelaav Research Station After Helping Havarl's Scientists
Kadara Ditaeon After Settling Kadara
Kadara Forward station, Ditaeon Outpost established
Kadara The Docks On landing on Kadara
Nexus Tech Lab After A Better Beginning
Tempest Research Room During A Better Beginning
Voeld Taerve Uni After Settling Voeld
Voeld Forward station, Taerve Uni Outpost established


The mission Temporary Crafting Quest can be acquired and completed at the same time by developing a Zalkin I assault rifle at any research center. This mission never appears anywhere other than the Completed Missions section of the Journal with a New Item Icon.png symbol.

1 If Ryder chooses to keep the drive core during Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core, there will be no research center available on Elaaden.