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When the moment strikes...

Ryder has the option to romance specific characters during gameplay.


Romance has no impact on storyline missions, but does add to the atmosphere. Some side missions and cutscenes progress differently if romance is in play.

  • Romance conversation options show a heart icon Flirt Conversation Choice Icon.png known as "Flirt" when hovered over. Except with Jaal, these are the only conversation options that will move a romance forward. To romance Jaal, Ryder must first develop their friendship. Such conversations are tagged with a unique "Friendship" conversation option Friendship Conversation Choice Icon.png. This isn't an all or nothing one time conversation choice. Ryder has to flirt many times to develop a romance and the option to lock in a romance will be very clearly stated.
  • The Emotional Response Tone Choice Emotional Conversation Icon.png during conversations does not move romances forward. This tone choice has a small heart icon but deals with Ryder's psychological profile and has nothing to do with romance.

Some potential romantic partners prefer one gender to another. If Ryder is not of the preferred gender, deepening friendship will replace romance. If Ryder has the option to choose the Flirt (large heart) option during conversations, dialogue that is normally romantic with a potential partner will be changed to dialogue that deepens the friendship.

Should Ryder prefer to keep romance off the ship, there are additional romantic opportunities elsewhere besides the squad and crew.

Some romances add unique dialogue to missions, others have specific romance missions added that are otherwise unavailable.

Some emails have variants for romance, some are unique to a romance line.

Unable to romance[]

At various points in the game, Ryder receives the option to flirt with several other characters who, for various reasons, turn down the overture or don't even offer romantic gestures. These include Kallo Jath, Lexi T'Perro, Nakmor Drack, and Paaran Shie.

  • Lexi T'Perro cannot be romanced as it goes against the doctor/patient relationship, though Ryder does have the opportunity to express interest.
  • Nakmor Drack can't be romanced but there is one conversation that includes a romance option.
  • Kallo Jath has no romantic conversation options.


Flings are unattached romantic encounters. There are a small number of characters that will have flings with Ryder.

  • Peebee will have a fling with Ryder multiple times that will not impact romance with other potential romantic partners until the romance is locked in. Once a romance is locked in, the flirting option that leads to flings with Peebee will no longer appear on the conversation wheel.
  • Keri T'Vessa will have a fling with Ryder that will not impact romance with other characters (even if another romance is already locked in).

Romance Missions[]

While all romance options include unique dialogue and scenes, some missions are specifically romantic. These missions are the culmination of the romance with a character. Prior character-specific missions leading up to these missions with a character may or may not involve romance.

Romantic Partner Romance Mission Female Romance?
(Sara Ryder)
Male Romance?
(Scott Ryder)
Avela Kjar Task: Past, Present, and Future
Cora Harper Cora Harper: Duty Calls
Dr. Suvi Anwar Suvi Anwar: New Discoveries
Gil Brodie Gil Brodie: The Friend: Unique dialogue and option to commit
Jaal Ama Darav Jaal Ama Darav: Angaran Affection
Keri T'Vessa Task: Path of a Hero: Additional objective
Liam Kosta Liam Kosta: Something for Us
Pelessaria B'Sayle Peebee: Spirits
Reyes Vidal
Vetra Nyx Vetra Nyx: A Moment Planetside: Unique dialogue and option to commit

Achievements and trophies[]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned related to romances: