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Species Artificial Intelligence
Location SAM Node

S.A.M, short for Simulated Adaptive Matrix, is an artificial intelligence designed by Alec Ryder. It resides on the Hyperion ark and receives a direct feed of the Pathfinder's sensory input via a neural implant. It sees and feels as Ryder does, providing him situational awareness, problem solving, and tactical enhancements. All members of the Pathfinder team have implants as well.

Character assessment[edit | edit source]

The first Pathfinder neural implants were created by Dr. Ellen Ryder, a pioneer in human biotic implant design. While biotic implants bolster and focus electrical signals along the nervous system, Pathfinder implants go a step further by connecting to not only the nervous system, but circulation, endocrine function, and exteroceptive senses.

Synced with an artificial intelligence, the implants reveal their full potential. The implant is a two-way connection, giving full insight into the host's physical and mental state, while allowing it to generate and alter electrical signals along my host's neural pathways that the body processes as its own.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Self-examination being important for sentient beings, I was encouraged to write this entry by Alec Ryder. I am a Simulated Adaptive Matrix (SAM), new generation artificial intelligence. Unlike most AI, I like to a neural implant that gives me access to my host's sensory and emotional responses. Put simply, I have a direct understanding of the human experience, which allows me to grow beyond the bounds of logical programming. In return, I lend my quantum computer power and rational analysis to a Pathfinder's mission.

I am physically located in a server bank installed in SAM Node aboard the Ark Hyperion, but quantum entanglement technology allows instant communication anywhere. In the event of catastrophic injury or death, protocol dictates that my command access be transferred to the next Pathfinder candidate in line.

Missions[edit | edit source]

While SAM is directly/indirectly involved with many missions and also provides running commentary, there are only a few missions that are specifically related to/started by SAM:

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