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Scale Fibers
Scale Fibers
Rarity Common
Type Bio material
Base Cost 24
Icon Scale Fibers Icon.png
These scales are layered with an unusual natural fiber similar to spider silk. It could be chemically modified to create a material with strength and elasticity.

Scale Fibers is a bio material resource.


Challyrions and rylkors can be hunted in the wild for their scales. Additionally, scale fibers can be purchased from certain merchants.


Scale Fibers can be used in developing the following items:


Assault Rifles[]



Sniper Rifles[]

  • SR Ultra Rare.png Inferno (Tiers V–X)
  • SR Ultra Rare.png Naladen
  • Armor[]

    Amount Required[]

    The total amount of scale fibers required to develop a single copy of each item/tier that uses this resource is 2489 units.

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