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Scott Ryder
Scott Ryder
Species Human
Origin Citadel
Known affiliations Systems Alliance, Andromeda Initiative

Scott Ryder is a human character. He is a member of the Ryder family and the male playable character. He is the younger twin brother of Sara Ryder and son of Alec Ryder. He is initially a recruit on the human Pathfinder team. He is approximately 22 years old.


Born your younger twin on the Citadel space station in 2163, Scott grew up knowing the station was a gateway to the entire Milky Way. In his orientation interviews, he claims this fostered a longing to step through those gateways to adventure.

With informal training aided by Alec Ryder's N7 background, Scott joined the Systems Alliance military and was assigned to an outpost near Arcturus Station overseeing Relay 202. A primary route to Arcturus, this mass relay leads into contested space and has an unsavory reputation. Scott was needed to protect Arcturus, but also had a "front row seat to everyone else going off to fortune and glory."

When Alec Ryder was dishonorably discharged due to his AI research, internal memos show that this also effectively ended Scott's career, making Andromeda a more attractive option for the adventure he sought.

On arrival in Andromeda, Scott's cryopod was damaged and his revival process interrupted. Dr. Lexi T'Perro advised keeping him in a medically induced coma to allow him to awaken naturally.

Scott eventually awoke safely. Medical records show slow but promising improvement in his condition.

However, sharing identical implants and similar physiology made Scott a target for the Archon. After attacking the Nexus and hijacking the Hyperion, the Archon took Scott captive, intending to use him to provide access to Meridian. Fortunately, you were able to intervene. Though injured, Scott is projected to make a full recovery.

Achievements and trophies[]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned which are related to Pathfinder: