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Solminae System.png

Solminae is a star system located in the Heleus cluster.


Anomaly 1[]

Solminae - Starship Wreckage.png

An anomaly is detected in this system during Life on the Frontier. Scanning reveals Starship Wreckage.


  • Ship ident: Nexus 29-17
  • Ship name: "Bourbon Sally"
  • Crew complement: 2
  • Status: Partially destroyed; salvageable


A small scouting ship sent to investigate a portion of the Scourge, it was lost shortly after leaving the Nexus. It was assumed that contact with the Scourge brought her down; analysis of the wreckage makes it abundantly clear that the ship was attacked.


Anomaly 2[]

Solminae - Radiation Trail.png

A second anomaly is detected in this system during Contagion. Scanning reveals a Radiation Trail.

Signature match for Nexus shuttle stolen by Ruth Bekker.

Hull integrity critical. Shuttle destruction imminent at this point.


  • +50 Milky Way RD on scan