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Stage a Rescue
Stage a Rescue
Type Priority ops
Starting Location Hjara Station, Voeld
Mission Location Northern Holding Site, Voeld
Start Skeot
End Niilj
Previous On the Frontlines (Priority ops) or Eyes on the Ground (Heleus assignment)
Next Meet the Family

Stage a Rescue is a priority ops or heleus assignments mission. It is acquired by speaking with Skeot in Hjara Station on Voeld.


An angaran excursion group failed to return at their scheduled time. Resistance spies report the kett captured the group and took them to a holding site for extraction.


  • Reach kett holding site
  • Rescue Niilj and other captured angara / Rescue captured angara
  • Clear remaining kett
  • Speak to Niilj / Speak to rescued angara


See the mission notes for Helping Havarl's Scientists for a reason to complete that mission between On the Frontlines and this mission.

This mission can also be triggered by approaching the Northern Holding Site. The text of the objectives differs depending on acquisition route.

If Ryder goes to the site for Task: Clearing the Air, rescue the angara prisoners from the orange holding cages first as they will assist in defeating the upcoming kett ambush.

If this mission is completed as a Priority op, Jaal will suggest to Ryder that they speak to Evfra de Tershaav as soon as possible. If Ryder agrees to Jaal's suggestion during the conversation (rather than deciding to go to Techiix first), the squad is automatically returned to the Tempest. Either way, a new objective will be added that continues the mission A Trail of Hope.


Completed as a priority op:

Completed as a heleus assignment: