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Statistics menu

The Statistics menu provides the ability to view detailed statistics based on gameplay.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The statistics menu can be accessed from the Skills menu. Four types of detailed statistics can be viewed: General, Nomad, Narrative, and Accomplishments.

As gameplay progresses, the numbers will changed based upon specific actions completed.

General Stats[edit | edit source]

General Stats menu

General stats details information on Pathfinder Ryder.

Nomad Stats[edit | edit source]

Nomad Stats menu

Nomad stats details information on the ND1 Nomad. The Nomad stats selection will not be available for review until the ND1 Nomad is obtained during A Better Beginning.

Narrative Stats[edit | edit source]

Narrative Stats menu

Narrative stats details information on the conversation decisions made by Pathfinder Ryder.

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Accomplishments menu

Accomplishments details information on combat and exploration.

  • Enemies Defeated by Squad
  • Kett Defeated
  • Outlaws Defeated
  • Remnant Defeated
  • Wildlife Eliminated
  • Enemies Defeated by Player
  • Melee Kills
  • Assault Rifle Kills
  • Pistol Kills
  • Shotgun Kills
  • Sniper Rifle Kills
  • Biotic Power Kills
  • Combat Power Kills
  • Tech Power Kills
  • Hover Kills
  • Kills Made By Your Constructs
  • Combos Detonated
  • Squadmate Revivals
  • Tempest Trophies Collected
  • Star Systems Discovered
  • Anomalies Discovered
  • Planets Scanned
  • Objects and Creatures Scanned
  • Forward Stations Established
  • Outposts Established
  • Remnant Consoles Decrypted
  • Notes[edit | edit source]

    While the statistic in Accomplishments is given as "Objects and Creatures Scanned," the count also includes non-creature enemies, such as kett and outlaws.

    During a New Game +, all statistics are reset back to zero or the default state.