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Strike team Sierra

Strike Teams are elite APEX forces that can be sent on strike team missions via the strike team console to support the Andromeda Initiative.


Strike teams are a combined feature of singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay. Sending automated strike teams or playing a strike team mission in multiplayer gameplay is completely optional.

Loot boxes and Mission Funds are awarded for completing strike team missions. Mission funds are useful for developing strike teams or for purchasing items for multiplayer mode. The rewards gained from loot boxes are useful only in singleplayer mode.

It is important to understand that strike teams belong to an overall account, not a specific Ryder.

  • Any Ryder linked to the overall account can command the teams or redeem the rewards, as long as they have been authorized via the mission First Strike.
  • The overall account is limited to six strike teams and two hundred loot boxes.
  • While the teams and loot boxes are limited because they are all tied together, this also means one Ryder can send out the teams and a different Ryder can claim the rewards. This is an excellent strategy to transfer a large amount of rewards from a veteran Ryder to a brand new Ryder. This gives the new Ryder an edge at the beginning of the game when levels are low and credits, resources, research data, and items not normally available can be acquired from loot boxes.

Recruiting teams[]

Max teams

Players are given one strike team by default. Five additional teams can be recruited from the Strike team console using Mission Funds, for a total of six teams.

Mission Funds Icon.png Cost
1 0
2 40
3 80
4 120
5 160
6 200

Team composition[]

Teams are randomly selected when purchased. Teams may be composed of a single species or a mix of two or three. Composition has no effect on mission odds.

Retiring a strike team[]

Retire Team

Teams over time develop positive and negative traits that can't be changed. At a certain point, it may be more effective to start over with a new strike team. This process is known as retiring a team.

Go to the Teams menu on the Strike Team Console, highlight a team, press the appropriate button, and a confirmation menu will appear for "Retire Team". Selecting this option will remove the strike team.

Some key points about retiring strike teams:

  • Any equipment the strike team has equipped will be lost.
  • There is a minimum of one strike team that must be available. Only five teams can be retired at once. To retire the sixth team, a new team must be purchased and then the prior team can be retired.
  • Retiring six teams and purchasing entirely new teams will cost 640 Mission Funds. Unlike the first time the Strike Team Console is activated and the first team is free, all subsequent times the first team will cost 40 Mission Funds. The remaining teams follow the cost structure shown in the table above.

Mission Types and Difficulty[]

Missions page

There are two types of strike team missions:

  • Standard - Standard missions are completed using an automated strike team and can't be played in multiplayer.
  • APEX - APEX missions are missions that can be completed either by an automated strike team or by the player jumping into a multiplayer match using whatever characters and equipment they've unlocked previously. Despite the message saying unsaved progress will be lost, progress in singleplayer gameplay will automatically be saved before multiplayer is launched.

There are four levels of difficulty, indicated by a color coded icon:

  • STC Bronze Mission Icon.png Bronze
  • STC Silver Mission Icon.png Silver
  • STC Gold Mission Icon.png Gold
  • Platinum Mission Icon.png Platinum

The only Platinum level APEX mission is the Celebratory Mission. No other missions will appear as Platinum level APEX missions.

APEX missions are indicated by an APEX icon STC APEX Mission Icon.png in the center of a mission icon (STC APEX Bronze Mission Icon.png, STC APEX Silver Mission Icon.png, STC APEX Gold Mission Icon.png, STC APEX Platinum Mission Icon.png). Most Platinum Platinum Mission Icon.png level missions do not show an APEX icon. These matches can only be played from the Custom Match menu in multiplayer. They do not appear on the Strike Team Console.

Mission difficulty does not vary; Delay Ship Launches is always Bronze and Investigate Facility is always Silver, etc.

Automated strike teams can be assigned in the multiplayer menu, at the Strike Team Console on the Tempest or in the Militia Office on the Nexus, or through the APEX HQ app.

Multiplayer missions can be accessed from singleplayer through Jump to Multiplayer on the Game menu or by selecting Multiplayer from the game's start menu.

The time required for completion of a strike team mission using an automated strike team can vary for a particular mission and is given at time of assignment. For a given difficulty, APEX missions tend to run longer than standard missions.

For a detailed breakdown of the mechanics of the Strike Team Console, see Strike team console.


Mission Successful Rewards

Mission Failure Rewards

Successful standard missions are rewarded with 5 Mission Funds, one credit loot box, and one material loot box. Successful APEX missions are rewarded with 10 Mission Funds, one item loot box, and one research data loot box.

Loot boxes are awarded as Bronze Icon Bronze Strike Team Loot.png, Silver Icon Silver Strike Team Loot.png, or Gold Icon Gold Strike Team Loot.png based upon mission difficulty. Research loot boxes are always Bronze, no matter the difficulty.

There are no platinum-level item loot boxes; gold-level boxes are awarded for successful platinum APEX missions.

The strike team receives XP regardless of mission outcome. The amount is based on a per minute rate, which increases with mission difficulty. Successful Bronze missions award 150 XP per minute of mission time, successful Silver missions award 300 XP per minute, and successful Gold missions award 900 XP per minute. Failed missions award ten percent of the rate for success. See Strike Team XP for more details.

Dual start rewards[]

Dual Start Reward - Strike Team Debrief

It is possible to dispatch a strike team on an APEX mission through the Strike Team Console and then play the same mission in multiplayer mode while the strike team is in progress. This can be done in two ways:

  • Selecting the mission on the Strike Team Console and jumping to multiplayer with the appropriate button choice.
  • Selecting the mission from the multiplayer Custom Match menu.

If the player completes the APEX mission in multiplayer before the strike team completes the same mission, the strike team returns early. The loot boxes and mission fund rewards will be given after the multiplayer match and will not show on the strike team's results. Only the strike team's XP will be displayed when debriefing the strike team.

The results of the multiplayer match are independent from the results of the strike team. The strike team's success is still based on team level, traits, and equipment. Success in multiplayer mode doesn't guarantee success for the strike team. It is still possible for the strike team to fail. Positive and negative traits can still be earned.

Mission parameters[]

Mission Details - APEX Mission

In addition to difficulty and type, all strike team missions have three variable traits. One enemy and two other mission traits are assigned randomly at posting. The non-enemy traits only affect the automated strike teams.

APEX missions will have an additional parameter known as a Modifier. These modifiers may or may not increase the rewards for completing the mission in multiplayer gameplay. Modifiers do not affect the automated strike teams, but may be viewed from the Strike Team Console on the Details screen.


There are 3 possible enemy types: Kett, Outlaw, Remnant. The type of enemy is not fixed; Acquire Enemy Research may be assigned with Outlaw in one instance and with Remnant in another.

Mission Traits[]

Each mission has three traits assigned, including the enemy. Mission traits can vary and are given at time of assignment.

Teams with positive matching traits and equipment will have a better than base chance of success; those with negative matching traits will have a worse chance. General traits and equipment will also affect the odds.

Team Traits[]

Positive Trait Gained - Lucky

Negative Trait Gained - Careless

Strike team traits can increase or decrease a team's odds of success. There are two types of team trait: mission-specific and general.


Each team starts with a single positive trait. Additional traits are acquired as the team completes missions and levels up.

  • Traits are permanent.
  • Teams are limited to five positive traits.
  • There are 21 negative traits; it is possible for a team to acquire all of them.
  • Positive traits seem to be assigned randomly. For example, successfully completing missions against kett does not necessarily lead to Kett Specialist.
  • Negative traits may be less random: repeated failure of missions against Remnant may lead to Remnant Hysteria.
  • It is also possible to have matching positive and negative traits. For example, a team may have both Remnant Specialist and Remnant Hysteria.
  • While the Tutorials - APEX & Strike Teams section states that positive traits are acquired through successful mission completion and negative traits are acquired through mission failures, positive traits may also be acquired despite mission failure. Negative traits have not been observed to result from mission success.


Positive traits always improve the odds. Negative traits cannot reduce the odds below the odds for a Level 1 team.

Mission-specific traits[]

Mission-specific traits are worth 10 points of effectiveness, or two team levels. These traits match mission traits. For example, Daring increases a team's effectiveness on High-Risk, High-Reward missions, while Timid decreases effectiveness.

  • At Level 1, the base odds of success are 70% for a Bronze mission, 18% for a Silver mission, and 5% for a Gold mission. Daring will increase the odds on a High-Risk, High-Reward mission for a Level 1 team to match those of a Level 3 team. The odds go from 70% to 78% for a Bronze mission and from 18% to 24% for a Silver mission.
  • At Level 12, the base odds of success are 92% for a Bronze mission, 70% for a Silver mission, and 11% for a Gold mission. Timid will decrease the odds on a High-Risk, High-Reward mission for a Level 12 team to match those of a Level 10 team. The odds go from 92% to 91% for a Bronze mission, from 70% to 61% for a Silver mission, and from 11% to 9% for a Gold mission.

Mission-specific traits have no effect on Gold missions until the team reaches Level 3.

General traits[]

General traits are worth 5 points of effectiveness, or one team level. General traits apply to all missions. For example, Elite will improve a team's effectiveness on all missions, while Unlucky will decrease effectiveness on all missions.

  • At Level 1, Elite increases the odds on all missions from 70% to 74% for a Bronze mission and from 18% to 21% for a Silver mission. Unlucky decreases the odds.

General traits have no effect on Gold missions until the team reaches Level 4.

Mission Trait Positive Team Trait
Negative Team Trait
Equipment (I – IV)
Alien Presence Xenophobe (-10)
Bribe Attempt Virtuous (+10) Corruptible (-10)
Enemies Everywhere Bloodthirsty (+10) Berserker (-10)
High-Risk, High-Reward Daring (+10) Timid (-10) Breaching Charges (+10 to +40)
Hostage Situation Hostage Rescue Specialist (+10) Quick Response Vehicle (+10 to +40)
Kett Kett Specialist (+10) Kett Hysteria (-10)
Key Intelligence Component Poor Intelligence (-10)
Nighttime Mission Nighttime Operator (+10) Night Blindness (-10) Night Vision (+10 to +40)
No Room for Error Precise (+10) Careless (-10)
Outlaw Outlaw Specialist (+10) Outlaw Hysteria (-10)
Poor Weather Conditions Rugged (+10) Ill-Prepared (-10) All Weather Gear (+10 to +40)
Remnant Remnant Specialist (+10) Remnant Hysteria (-10)
Scary Fearless (+10) Cowardly (-10)
Silent and Deadly Stealthy (+10) Raucous (-10)
We Need a Hero Heroic (+10) Hero Complex (-10) Empowered Shields (+10 to +40)
Elite (+5) Reluctant Soldier (-5)
Grizzled Veteran (+5) Shell-Shocked (-5)
Lucky (+5) Unlucky (-5)
Skirmisher (+5) Slow Reflexes (-5)
Tactician (+5) Low on Supplies (-5)
Tough (+5) Fragile (-5)
Injured Teammate (-5)


Strike Team Equipment Menu

There are two types of equipment, general and mission-specific. A team can only use one piece of equipment at a time; new equipment replaces the old.

  • General equipment increases effectiveness in every type of mission; there are ten types of general equipment.
  • Mission-specific gear improves odds for specific conditions; there are five types of mission-specific equipment with four tiers (I-IV).

Five points of effectiveness is equivalent to one team level. The highest available bonus from general equipment is +20; the highest available bonus for specialized gear is +40.

Each piece of equipment has a colored circle around it:

  • STG Electronic Countermeasures.png Blue - Enough Mission Funds available and the level requirements have been met.
  • STG Electronic Countermeasures - Red Circle.png Red - Not enough Mission Funds available but the level requirements have been met.

General Equipment[]

Name Cost Minimum
Adrenaline Shots 25 1 2 STG Adrenaline Shots.png
Crate of Specialized Ammo 50 2 4 STG Crate of Specialized Ammo.png
Weapon Rail Amps 75 3 6 STG Weapon Rail Amps.png
Amplifier Modules 100 4 8 STG Amplifier Modules.png
N7 Armor 125 5 10 STG N7 Armor.png
Recovered Remnant Tech 150 6 12 STG Recovered Remnant Tech.png
Electronic Countermeasures 175 7 14 STG Electronic Countermeasures.png
Electromagnetic Pulse Device 200 8 16 STG Electromagnetic Pulse Device.png
Black Widows 225 9 18 STG Black Widows.png
Exceptional Human Intelligence 250 10 20 STG Exceptional Human Intelligence.png

Mission-Specific Equipment[]

Name Cost Minimum
Mission Type Icon
Night Vision I 50 5 10 Nighttime Mission STG Night Vision 1.png
Night Vision II 75 5 20 Nighttime Mission STG Night Vision 2.png
Night Vision III 100 10 30 Nighttime Mission STG Night Vision 3.png
Night Vision IV 125 10 40 Nighttime Mission STG Night Vision 4.png
All Weather Gear I 50 5 10 Poor Weather Conditions STG All Weather Gear 1.png
All Weather Gear II 75 5 20 Poor Weather Conditions STG All Weather Gear 2.png
All Weather Gear III 100 10 30 Poor Weather Conditions STG All Weather Gear 3.png
All Weather Gear IV 120 10 40 Poor Weather Conditions STG All Weather Gear 4.png
Breaching Charges I 50 5 10 High-Risk, High-Reward STG Breaching Charges 1.png
Breaching Charges II 75 5 20 High-Risk, High-Reward STG Breaching Charges 2.png
Breaching Charges III 100 10 30 High-Risk, High-Reward STG Breaching Charges 3.png
Breaching Charges IV 125 10 40 High-Risk, High-Reward STG Breaching Charges 4.png
Empowered Shields I 50 5 10 We Need a Hero STG Empowered Shields 1.png
Empowered Shields II 75 5 20 We Need a Hero STG Empowered Shields 2.png
Empowered Shields III 100 10 30 We Need a Hero STG Empowered Shields 3.png
Empowered Shields IV 125 10 40 We Need a Hero STG Empowered Shields 4.png
Quick Response Vehicle I 50 5 10 A Hostage Situation STG Quick Response Vehicle 1.png
Quick Response Vehicle II 75 5 20 A Hostage Situation STG Quick Response Vehicle 2.png
Quick Response Vehicle III 100 10 30 A Hostage Situation STG Quick Response Vehicle 3.png
Quick Response Vehicle IV 125 10 40 A Hostage Situation STG Quick Response Vehicle 4.png

Equipment Mechanics[]

The general equipment Adrenaline Shots and Crate of Specialized Ammo give less than one level of benefit. There is no significant difference in the odds of success on Bronze missions at any level.

  • The greatest effect of general equipment is on Silver missions. N7 Armor becomes available at Team Level 5 and increases the odds by two levels.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Device becomes available at Team Level 8 and increases the odds by three levels.
  • Exceptional Human Intelligence becomes available at Team Level 10 and makes a significant difference—four levels. The value of general equipment drops as the team levels up.

As with General equipment, there is no significant difference in the odds of success on Bronze missions at any level.

  • Mission-specific equipment is most effective on Silver missions.
  • Tier I and Tier II mission-specific equipment become available at Team Level 5.
  • Tier III and Tier IV become available at Team Level 10.
  • If mission funds are not in short supply, it's worth buying the higher tier. Tier IV equipment makes a significant difference in the odds on Gold missions.
  • The utility of mission-specific equipment for Silver missions drops as the team levels up, but increases for Gold missions.

Chance of Success[]

33% Chance of Success

The base odds of a team successfully completing a mission depend on the team's level, as shown in the tables below.

  • Traits raise or lower the odds. Each mission-specific trait is equivalent to two levels; each general trait is equivalent to one level.
  • Equipment always increases the odds. The assessed odds will never be lower than 5% or higher than 94%, regardless of team traits or equipment.
Chances of Success
Base Odds
Bronze Silver Gold
1 70% 18% 5%
2 74% 21% 5%
3 78% 25% 5%
4 81% 29% 5%
5 84% 33% 6%
6 86% 38% 6%
7 88% 44% 7%
8 89% 50% 7%
9 90% 55% 8%
10 91% 61% 9%
11 92% 66% 10%
12 92% 70% 11%
13 93% 74% 13%
14 94% 78% 15%
15 94% 81% 18%
16 94% 84% 21%
17 94% 86% 25%
18 94% 88% 29%
19 94% 89% 33%
20 (Max) 94% 90% 38%
Chances of Success
Modified Odds
Bronze Silver Gold
Max +5 94% 91% 44%
Max +10 92% 50%
Max +15 92% 55%
Max +20 93% 61%
Max +25 93% 66%
Max +30 94% 70%
Max +35 74%
Max +40 78%
Max +45 81%
Max +50 84%
Max +55 86%
Max +60 88%
Max +65 89%
Max +70 90%
Max +75 91%
Max +80 92%

Strike Team XP[]

Strike Team Console XP Display

Strike teams earn XP for every mission, regardless of outcome. The following table shows the XP required to move from one level to the next and the cumulative total for each level.

  • The Strike Team Console displays the amount of XP a team needs to reach the next level.
  • No XP information is displayed once a team reaches Level 20.
From Level To Level XP Cumulative
1 2 6400 6400
2 3 9000 15400
3 4 11800 27200
4 5 14700 41900
5 6 18600 60500
6 7 24000 84500
7 8 30000 114500
8 9 39700 154200
9 10 46700 200900
10 11 56600 257500
11 12 63700 321200
12 13 70800 392000
13 14 79400 471400
14 15 97600 569000
15 16 135900 704900
16 17 162000 866900
17 18 190100 1057000
18 19 219700 1276700
19 20 250000 1526700

Strike Team Strategy[]

Since the player has no control over which traits a team acquires, developing an effective team roster is all about equipment. A full roster has six teams, but there are only five types of specialized equipment. Having five teams of specialists and one general-purpose team will maximize the number of successful missions without spending mission funds to switch gear.

  • Teams with mission-specific traits that have matching gear should get the matching gear.
  • General equipment should go to the team with the highest number of general traits.
  • No two teams should have the same gear.
  • It may be necessary to change equipment as teams level up and acquire new traits.
  • The best odds for a Level 20 team of specialists—two positive general traits, three matching mission-specific traits, and matching Tier IV equipment—are 94% for Bronze and Silver missions and 92% for Gold missions.
  • The best odds for a Level 20 team of generalists—two positive general traits, three matching mission-specific traits, and top-tier general equipment—are 94% for Bronze and Silver missions and 88% for Gold missions.
  • The worst odds for the same Level 20 team of generalists—two positive general traits, three non-matching mission-specific traits, and top-tier general equipment—are 94% for Bronze and Silver missions and 70% for Gold missions.

List of Missions[]

New missions are posted every four hours, starting at midnight, Eastern Standard Time (-5:00 UTC).

Mission Posting Times
Difficulty APEX & Platinum Missions Standard Missions
Bronze 12:00 A.M. 12:00 A.M., 12:00 P.M.
Silver 8:00 P.M. 4:00 A.M., 4:00 P.M.
Gold 4:00 P.M. 8:00 A.M., 8:00 P.M.
Platinum 7:00 P.M.

Standard Strike Team Missions[]

STC Bronze Mission Icon.png Bronze STC Silver Mission Icon.png Silver STC Gold Mission Icon.png Gold
Delay Ship Launches Determine Enemy Strength Disrupt Enemy Movements
Destroy Enemy Warships Disrupt Enemy Communications Disrupt Enemy Supplies
Eliminate Hazardous Materials Eliminate the Traitor Establish a Listening Post
Eliminate Supply Ships Establish Anti-Ship Batteries Establish a Supply Depot
Identify Enemy Loadouts Intercept Enemy Data Investigate Unknown Signals
Identify the Spy Investigate Facility Obtain Enemy Ship Locations
Measure Enemy Response Obtain Encryption Key Obtain Prototype Schematics
Obtain Dead-Drop Data Obtain Mining Locations Recover Stolen Habitation Data
Protect Engineering Personnel Protect the Outpost Search and Destroy
Protect Sensitive Equipment Punish Killers Uncover Enemy Plans
Sabotage Enemy Operations Sabotage Weapons Shipment
Sabotage the Enemy Scout the Unknown

APEX Strike Team Missions[]

STC APEX Bronze Mission Icon.png Bronze STC APEX Silver Mission Icon.png Silver STC APEX Gold Mission Icon.png Gold STC APEX Platinum Mission Icon.png Platinum
Acquire Enemy Research Celebratory Mission Celebratory Mission Celebratory Mission
Celebratory Mission Clear An Escape Route Clear A Supply Route
Distract Enemy Forces Eliminate Arms Smuggler Eliminate Enemy Saboteurs
False Flag Operation Gather Intel Gather Resources
Investigate Weapon Reports Locate and Remove Comm Taps Locate New Resources
Recover Supplies Recover the Artifact Protect Embedded Informant

Achievements and trophies[]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned related to strike teams: