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Strike Teams console

The Strike Team Console gives Ryder access to APEX strike teams, strike team missions, and mission rewards.


Access is granted to the console by talking to Tiran Kandros during First Strike.

There are three screens on the console, Teams, Missions, and Pathfinder Rewards. Mission funds are shown in the upper right, regardless of the screen. Using the console brings up the Missions screen.


There are two consoles, one in the Militia Office on the Nexus, the other in the Research Room on the Tempest.


Missions are listed on the left. Mission difficulty is indicated by a color coded icon - Bronze STC Bronze Mission Icon.png, Silver STC Silver Mission Icon.png, or Gold STC Gold Mission Icon.png. New missions are tagged with the new item icon New Item Icon.png, those in progress are tagged with a clock STC Team Clock.png, and completed missions are tagged with a check box STC Mission Complete.png. On the right is the description of the highlighted mission: status, time required, expiration information, mission brief, traits, and rewards.

APEX missions are indicated by an APEX icon STC APEX Mission Icon.png in the center of a mission icon - Bronze STC APEX Bronze Mission Icon.png, Silver STC APEX Silver Mission Icon.png, or Gold STC APEX Gold Mission Icon.png. (Platinum STC APEX Platinum Mission Icon.png missions do not appear on the strike team console; they are only available through the Custom Match screen in Multiplayer.) When an APEX mission is highlighted, there is an option at the bottom to view details pertaining to the multiplayer form of the match. That screen will give the map in use, the difficulty, the enemy type, and the modifiers associated with the mission.

The central image sums up the mission: team dispatched, difficulty, enemy, and status. In the event that there are no missions available, the missions screen will be empty.

Selecting an APEX mission and choosing Play in Multiplayer switches the game to multiplayer and loads the custom match screen for that mission.


The Teams screen lists the teams on the left, with the highlighted team's information on the right: level, XP to next level (below level 20), traits, and equipment. Teams currently deployed are greyed out and tagged with a clock STC Team Clock.png. The central image shows team deployment status and equipment, if any.

If there are fewer than six teams, Ryder may recruit a new strike team. Cost depends on how many teams are currently active. Teams can be equipped or retired from this screen.


The Rewards screen lists all pathfinder rewards. Credit, Item, and Material loot boxes are awarded as Bronze Icon Bronze Strike Team Loot.png, Silver Icon Silver Strike Team Loot.png, or Gold Icon Gold Strike Team Loot.png based upon mission difficulty. These rewards are shown stacked by type and difficulty. Research Data Loot Boxes are shown in a blue box and are stacked as a single item Icon Bronze Strike Team Loot.png. As with resource inventory, the quantity in the stack is shown in parentheses. There is a limit of two hundred items. A message will pop up when that limit has been reached, warning Ryder to collect rewards before embarking on another mission. Claiming all rewards at once will pop up a message about multiple rewards being collected.

Because certain strike team missions can be played in both singleplayer and in multiplayer at the same time, there is the possibility to start a mission using the Strike Team Console in singleplayer gameplay but complete the mission in multiplayer before the singleplayer timer is up. In overlapping instances such as this, the loot boxes and mission fund rewards will be given immediately during multiplayer. Accessing the strike team console in singleplayer after the timer expires and collecting the reward will only reward XP for the strike team.


It is important to understand that strike teams belong to an overall account, not a specific Ryder.

  • Any Ryder linked to the overall account can command the teams or redeem the rewards, as long as they have been authorized via the mission First Strike.
  • The overall account is limited to six strike teams and two hundred loot boxes.
  • While the teams and loot boxes are limited because they are all tied together, this also means one Ryder can send out the teams and a different Ryder can claim the rewards. This is an excellent strategy to transfer a large amount of rewards from a veteran Ryder to a brand new Ryder. This gives the new Ryder an edge at the beginning of the game when levels are low and credits, resources, research data, and items not normally available can be acquired from loot boxes.