Take Down the Architect

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Take Down the Architect
Take Down the Architect
Type Sub-mission
Mission Location Multiple

Take Down the Architect is a sub-mission related to Architect missions.

Parent missions[edit | edit source]

Take Down the Architect is a part of the following missions:

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Follow the Architect
  • Clear out the Remnant
  • Destroy conduits (0/3)
  • Destroy head conduits
  • Interface with the Architect

Notes[edit | edit source]

Each Architect fight goes through three phases, one phase for each leg. The Architect will anchor itself to the ground. Attack the leg conduit and avoid the attacks from the head. The head will shoot out a large red beam that causes a stunning electrical attack. Once the leg is destroyed, the head will come down and be attackable. During this phase, the head will throw grenades and shoot red beams in addition to the previous attack. Once enough damage is done to the head, it'll rise up out of range and Remnant Observers, Nullifiers, and/or Breachers will spawn. The Architect does not attack while the Remnant forces are deployed. Defeat the forces and the Architect will fly up into the air. Follow it to another area and repeat the process.

Objectives will complete during each phase of the fight and then be added again for each subsequent phase of the fight until the Architect is defeated.

On Voeld, use the buildings for cover and to replenish life support from the Level 2 cold hazard in the area.

For all other planets with an Architect, Remnant pillars and rocks can provide excellent cover. There are ammo and health caches scattered around the battlefields for resupply.