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Task: Earn Your Badge
Task: Earn Your Badge
Type Additional tasks
Starting Location Cultural Center, Nexus
Mission Location Voeld
Start Andraknor
End Andraknor

Task: Earn Your Badge is an additional tasks mission. It is acquired by speaking to Andraknor in the Cultural Center on the Nexus. Ryder will have to land on Aya after rescuing Moshae Sjefa during A Trail of Hope to trigger a cutscene with Paaran Shie before Andraknor will appear.


Angaran Special Forces have issued a series of challenges. Time to impress.


  • Battle the Remnant
    • Defeat all the Remnant (0/15)
    • Optional: Beat Andraknor's time
  • Battle ancient ferocious creatures
  • Retrieve sensitive data
    • Download sensitive data (0/3)
  • Return to Andraknor on the Nexus


There are seven containers locked in orange energy cages at the Southern Holding Site.

In addition to the mission reward, XP is earned for defeating the enemies in each challenge.

Beating Andraknor's time adds bragging rights and a small amount of XP. There is no difference in the overall outcome for beating the time or not.


If Ryder beats Andraknor's time: