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Task: Messages to the Nexus
Task: Messages to the Nexus
Type Additional tasks
Starting Location Governor's Office, Aya
Mission Location Aya
Start Enroh Bosaan

Task: Messages to the Nexus is an additional tasks mission.


Governor Shie's assistant, Enroh Bosaan, has established message terminals across the city for citizens to record personal messages to the Nexus. Enroh has asked you to visit each of these terminals, view the messages, and pass them along to the Nexus leaders.



Ryder is asked to either upload the messages as is or edit them, though the messages can't actually be edited. The only apparent difference is in the email Ryder receives from Director Tann after the task is complete.

Despite what the objectives state, two of the holoterminals are not located in the areas that the objectives list. The Docks terminal is actually in the Memorial Gardens just outside of the Docks area. The Resistance Headquarters holoterminal is actually outside and to the west of the Resistance Headquarters.