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Task: Pathfinder Armor Crafting
Task Pathfinder Armor Crafting.png
Task: Pathfinder Armor Crafting
Type Additional tasks
Starting Location Prodromos, Eos
Mission Location Research center
Start Jacob Mittney
End Research center

Task: Pathfinder Armor Crafting is an additional tasks mission. It is acquired by speaking with Jacob Mittney in Prodromos on Eos after Prodromos is founded during A Better Beginning.


You need to gather the necessary materials to craft a chestpiece for your armor at a research station.



Pathfinder Chest I is not available to craft. Pathfinder Chest II is the lowest Tier that can be crafted to complete this task.

This task can be completed with any tier of the Pathfinder Chest and doesn't have to be completed by crafting the Tier II version.

Jacob says during the conversation that his team will provide a blueprint to Ryder but nothing is given.


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