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Task: Remnant Data Cores
Task: Remnant Data Cores
Type Additional tasks
Starting Location Eos
Mission Location Multiple
Start Peebee

Task: Remnant Data Cores is an additional tasks mission. It is a collection mission automatically acquired during A Better Beginning when Peebee sees the first Remnant data core in the Eos vault.


Peebee calls these items "Remnant data cores." She believes they are data storage devices.



There are 11 Remnant data cores scattered around Heleus. Only the first is automatically collected along with the mission.

Planet Detailed Location Related Mission Notes
Eos Eos Vault A Better Beginning This data core is automatically acquired.
Eos Eos Architect Making An Impression Only possible after giving the radiation time to clear to safer levels in order to access the area.
Voeld Voeld Vault Restoring a World
Voeld Voeld Architect Missing Science Crew Requires setting up an outpost first during Settling Voeld.
Voeld Auxiliary Vault Subjugation
Kadara Kadara Vault Healing Kadara's Heart
Kadara Kadara Architect Old Skinner Requires setting up an outpost first during Settling Kadara.
Elaaden Elaaden Vault Taming a Desert
Elaaden Elaaden Architect Architect on Elaaden Requires setting up an outpost first during Settling Elaaden.
Elaaden Auxiliary Vault See Auxiliary Vault Walkthrough
Meridian Archives The Journey to Meridian In the Archives area, there is a Remnant console visible on a platform over the western alcove. To access this console, head into the western alcove and there are Remnant Blast Shields on either side of the large tree in the alcove on the back wall that extend when approached. Jump up and grab the shields, then turn, and jump up to to grab the side of the overhead bridge to find the console on the bridge platform. The console opens a door below on the east alcove with the data core.

Research Opportunities[]

There are two Adaptive Remnant Core Devices in the Auxiliary Elaaden Vault on Elaaden. These items would normally only be encountered during this mission. All other data cores are found during related missions. Any associated Research Data (RD) with those missions is listed on the related mission pages.