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Task: Supply Loss and Recovery
Task: Supply Loss and Recovery
Type Additional tasks
Starting Location Prodromos, Eos
Mission Location Eos
Start terminal
End terminal

Task: Supply Loss and Recovery is an additional tasks mission. It is acquired on Eos by interacting with a terminal in Prodromos.


A discovered report indicates that supplies headed for Prodromos have gone missing. Checking the supply drop sites might uncover some information about what's happening.

Prodromos is missing supplies. The lost supply drop sites were picked clean. Signs point to local vermin.

Scans suggest the missing Prodromos supplies were looted, but animals were baited to the sites to cover the theft. With enough data, SAM has assembled a vector to the hideout of the people responsible.


  • Investigate supply drop sites
  • Report the wildlife
  • Optional: Investigate other sites
  • Investigate the hideout
  • Report the smugglers


If you choose to investigate the other sites, the objective Report the wildlife will fail but the mission will continue.

If you investigate all sites and confront the thieves, you will have the option of offering amnesty in Prodromos or kicking the thieves off the planet. The reward is the same regardless, but if amnesty is offered, Chase Gagnon will appear in Prodromos.

Research Opportunities[]

Depending upon Ryder's choices, up to four supply drop sites can be scanned for +10 Milky Way RD each (+40 Milky Way RD Total).


Report loss as destruction by wildlife:

Report loss from smugglers: