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Task: The Ghost of Promise
Task: The Ghost of Promise
Type Additional tasks
Starting Location Eos
Mission Location Eos
Start datapad
End terminal

Task: The Ghost of Promise is an additional tasks mission. It is acquired by discovering and reading a randomly spawned datapad at a Remnant site on Eos.


You've discovered a research station left behind by one of Eos' first settlers. SAM theorizes that there may be more at other Remnant sites.

SAM has extracted a navpoint for the intended destination of Site 1 researcher Ana Carrell.



It is possible to acquire this mission by entering the vault and reading the final datapad before finding a random spawned datapad.

Before leaving the vault, use the console and defeat the Destroyer to gain access to a glyph chest and an Adaptive Remnant Core Device.

Research Opportunities[]


Remnant Decryption Puzzle Solution[]