Task: Unearthed
Task Unearthed.png
Task: Unearthed
Type Additional tasks
Starting Location Mithrava, Havarl
Mission Location Havarl
Start Sage Fleera
End device

Task: Unearthed is an additional tasks mission. It is a collection mission acquired by speaking with Sage Fleera in Mithrava on Havarl.


A sage in Mithrava told you that upheaval in the jungles of Havarl often unearths Remnant devices that would otherwise remain buried. Studying these devices could reveal more information about Remnant technology.



Completing the task requires eight devices. There are an excess amount of devices across Havarl to complete the task; each device collected after completion still awards Remnant Research Data (RD).

Research Opportunities

There are three types of Remnant devices that can be found. Type 1 and Type 2 each award +15 Remnant RD while Type 3 awards +50 Remnant RD.

While the devices can be scanned, only when Ryder collects the item is the RD awarded. The RD amount is unaffected by the Science cryo pod perks Improved Development and Improved Development II.

There are seven Type 1, seven Type 2, and seven Type 3 devices located around Havarl. Finding and collecting all 21 devices will award +560 Remnant RD.

Device Locations

Havarl - Task Unearthed - Unearthed Remnant Device Locations.png
Locations of 21 Remnant Devices


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