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Tech skill in use

Tech skills are skills used to equip advanced technology and focus on strategic improvements for the character and the squad.


Tech skills focus on experimental weaponry along with strategic improvements. The Cryo Beam and Flamethrower offer more offensive punch, while skills like Invasion and Energy Drain weaken opponents and soften them up for easier take-downs. If additional firepower is needed, there is the option to deploy constructs. Tech skills are colored Orange with an associated shape of an active (Active Generic Skill Icon.png) or passive (Passive Generic Skill Icon.png) skill.

List of tech skills[]

List of squadmate tech skills[]

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Related profiles[]

The following profiles rely on tech skills:


The number of tech skill kills can be tracked on the Accomplishments tab in the statistics menu.

Achievements and trophies[]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned which are related to tech skills:


Biotic Skills are the focus of the following challenges: