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Technical Mods Pack
Technical Mods Pack
Credits Icon.png 20000
Andromeda Points Icon.png 100
Contains 5 random consumables or weapon mods, including at least 1 Uncommon, with a small chance for a Rare.

Technical Mods Pack is a pack that can be purchased in the multiplayer store for 20000 MP Credits or 100 Andromeda Points.


A Technical Mods Pack can contain any of the following items:

  • Common and Uncommon mods with a chance for a Rare mod
  • Common Tier I and Uncommon Tier II boosters with a chance for a Rare Tier III booster


Basic mods will be found in packs that have them listed as a possible item. Upgraded mods can only normally be purchased from the Item Store. The exception to this rule is the Technical Mods Pack. Occasionally an upgraded mod will be awarded in the pack but the odds are very low of this happening and the possibility that a basic mod or booster will appear is much greater.