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Prologue: Hyperion
Prologue: Hyperion
Type Priority ops
Starting Location Hyperion
Mission Location Hyperion
Start Lexi T'Perro
End Alec Ryder
Previous (placeholder)
Next Planetside


{{Mission infobox
| name = 
| image = 
| type = 
| acquisition location =
| objective location = 
| start = 
| end = 
| previous = 
| next = 


Name of the mission. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.
Image of the mission. Format: xxxxx.png Auto sizes to 250px in width.
Type of mission. Format needs to follow this format - Mission#Priority ops{{!}}Priority ops - for the link to show up correctly. These are the only mission types to use: Priority ops, Allies and relationships, Heleus assignments, Additional tasks, Broken, Non-journal, Miscellaneous, Sub-mission
acquisition location
location of person, email, or event that adds the mission to the mission journal
objective location
Location where the majority of the mission takes place. For missions that take place in multiple places but on the same planet/starship, list the planet/starship e.g. "Kadara". For missions with multiple locations on multiple planets/starships, list "Multiple".
Who or what starts the mission.
Who or what ends the mission. The last person interacted with or action taken before the mission ends.
The previous mission in the chain.
The next mission in the chain.