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The Firefighters
The Firefighters
Type Heleus assignments
Starting Location Tempest
Mission Location Multiple
Start email
End Katherine Nigh

The Firefighters is a heleus assignments mission. It is acquired by reading an email from Dr. Leynomi Aridana on the Tempest after Prodromos is founded during A Better Beginning.


Doctor Aridana has attempted to contact you. Speak to her at the Nexus tech labs.


  • Speak with Dr. Aridana
  • Run the equations at SAM Node on Ark Hyperion
  • Help SAM
  • Speak with SAM
  • Confront Dr. Aridana at the Nexus tech labs
  • Look for anti-AI activity on the Nexus
  • ON HOLD: Wait for an email from Knight
  • Look for an email from Knight
  • Go to hacker's sanctuary on Kadara
  • Optional: Scan the sanctuary for clues (see Notes)
  • Optional: Find a discreet way to learn Knight's plan (see Notes)
  • Optional: Build a curative device for Alain at a research center
  • Use Knight's personal terminal
  • Optional: Defeat the hackers
  • Locate Knight's EMP devices (0/3)
  • Locate EMP Devices in the Commons Area
  • Locate EMP devices in Operations
  • Confront Knight


The ON HOLD objective will complete after the first Kadara landing during Hunting the Archon.

Choosing one of the optional objectives closes off the other.

  • Optional: Scan The Sanctuary For Clues leads to the objective Optional: Defeat The Hackers. If this option is chosen, Ryder can gain 30 Milky Way RD. (See Research Opportunities.) This option will also result in hostilities with Knight's followers.
  • Optional: Build A Curative Device For Alain At A Research Center gives Ryder a way to satisfy Optional: Find A Discreet Way To Learn Knight's Plan. Knight's followers will remain peaceful.

Knight's system is extremely sensitive to scanner usage, so much so that it will detect Ryder scanning an All-Terrain Hauler (+10 Milky Way RD) found nearby during the mission Gone with the Wind. After you enter Knight's sanctuary, you will be warned that your scan has been detected. It is easier to wait until after completing The Firefighters to complete Gone with the Wind.

One scan can be passed off as a glitch, a second will cause the hackers to become hostile. Killing the hackers will lead inevitably to Knight's death, even if Ryder makes the cybernetic device for Alain. It is possible to escape the sanctuary without killing any of the hackers, but it requires stationing Ryder's squad outside and at a distance from the building. Scan the box, hack the computer, and run for the Nomad.

Even after a peaceful resolution of the mission, the people remaining in Knight's sanctuary will be alert for scanner usage and will turn hostile if they detect scans. They pose no threat, though, since the building is locked. Ryder can engage them by standing on the roof outside the second floor window, but there is no benefit to doing so.

Knight refers to Project Overlord, an element of Mass Effect 2.

If Knight lives, Alain will be found in the Tech Lab on the Nexus. If she dies and Ryder didn't give him the device, he will send an email to Ryder.

This mission must be acquired and/or any objectives on the Hyperion completed before starting Meridian: The Way Home. Due to events in Meridian: The Way Home, this mission will become unavailable and/or portions of the mission will fail.

Research Opportunities[]

There are three items in the hacker's sanctuary that can be scanned for Research Data (RD) BUT these can only be obtained if you are ok with starting a fight with the hackers. Otherwise this RD can't be obtained.

Scan the EMP Device, Schematics, and Nexus Network Map for +10 Milky Way RD each (+30 Milky Way RD Total).