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The Journey to Meridian
The Journey to Meridian
Type Priority ops
Starting Location Tempest
Mission Location Multiple
End vidcon
Previous Hunting the Archon
Next Meridian: The Way Home

The Journey to Meridian is a priority ops mission. It is acquired automatically after Hunting the Archon.


The Archon's map shows the way to Meridian. However, this issue affects the entire Andromeda Initiative, and leadership should be consulted before proceeding further.

Meridian—"Khi Tasira" to the kett—will be difficult to infiltrate. The other pathfinders and the Ghost Storm technology will be critical to success. Using Ghost Storm, the other pathfinders' ships can mimic the Tempest's energy signatures and draw the kett's attention.

Explore Meridian to learn more about how it controls the vault network, and how you might be able to utilize this knowledge.

Exploration of the Remnant network system has revealed that Meridian is controlled by a nearby central command hub. Activating that command hub will allow Meridian as a whole to be activated, which will reset the entire vault system.

This Remnant station was only one part of Meridian—a control module of some kind. The Remnant defenses activated from this point have made short work of most kett, although some remain to threaten the squad.


  • Speak to the leaders on the Nexus
  • Discuss your options with the other Pathfinders
  • Integrate Ghost Storm technology with Tempest to help other Pathfinders
  • Gather the crew in the Tempest's meeting room to prepare for the mission
  • Go to Khi Tasira in the Civki System
  • Survey the drop zone
  • Access the tower in the research sector
  • Access the tower in the exploration sector
  • Activate the tower in the research sector
  • Activate the tower in the exploration sector
  • Reroute power to the main console
  • Enter Meridian's central command
  • Interface with the command hub
  • Eliminate the Archon's Sword and the kett forces


To the right as you enter the Archives, there's a room with a console on a platform above you. Ledges will emerge from the wall as you approach. Careful jumping can get you to the console, which opens a room across the way. That room contains a Remnant Data Core.

The locked puzzle door is one of two puzzles that cannot be overridden with a Remnant Decryption Key.

The final XP reward for this mission doesn't display onscreen. There may be a quick flash of the encounter XP for defeating the enemies for the battle but the fixed +4400 is never shown.

Research Opportunities[]

There are many places to scan for Research Data (RD) during this mission. See the gallery section for detailed maps and photos. +100 Heleus RD, +800 Remnant RD.
Drop Zone

Before dropping down into either Exploration or Research areas:

  • +10 Remnant RD - Strange Remnant Artifact
  • +10 Remnant RD - Strange Vegetation

Sector 17 – Exploration

  • +10 Remnant RD - Remnant Security Node
  • +10 Remnant RD - Ruined Remnant Shuttle can be found high up on the wall of a building. There are two crashed burning shuttles sticking out of the side of the building. The first one scanned will award RD and the second will turn light yellow.

Sector 17 – Exploration - Exploration Systems

  • +100 Remnant RD - ARCD behind a support pillar.

Head to Core 17 - Central

  • +100 Remnant RD - ARCD can be found by jumping down to a lower platform on the west side. Look under the platform to find the well hidden ARCD.

Sector 17 - Research

  • +10 Remnant RD - Unknown Organism inside puzzle-locked storage area below catwalk. Area also holds 2 containers. Opening the area is worth 270 XP.
  • +100 Remnant RD - ARCD suspended from the underside of a catwalk.
  • +100 Heleus RD - Kett Core Encryption Tech can be found above on an inaccessible catwalk.

Archives (Research Tower)

  • +10 Remnant RD - Monstrous Fungi
  • +10 Remnant RD - Angaran Template
  • +10 Remnant RD - Gnarled Tree
  • +10 Remnant RD - Remnant Pods x2 (+20 Remnant RD Total). Only one is accessible before the sunken area is exposed by activating the console in the Archives area.
  • +100 Remnant RD - ARCD can be found jumping up to activate the Console that opens the door to the Remnant Data Core.

Command Hub

  • +100 Remnant RD - ARCD located on the floor below the first ramp inside, to the right, hidden by a pillar.
  • +100 Remnant RD - ARCD located on the lower level, behind the main console, within the enclosure holding the command processor.

Location Gallery[]


Open glyph-locked storage area:

Eliminate the Archon's Sword and the kett forces

Achievements and trophies[]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned for activating Khi Tasira:

Remnant Decryption Puzzle Solution[]