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The Tutorial Menu

The Tutorials menu option in multiplayer allows a new player to receive instruction on multiplayer mechanics.


The Tutorials menu includes the Tutorial Challenge, the Tutorial Mission, and Replay Intro Movie.

Tutorial Challenge[]

Complete the Tutorial Minor Challenges to earn a FREE Advanced Pack. This Major Challenge is composed of fourteen minor challenges. These minor challenges require completing actions involved in preparing for a match, playing a match, and collecting rewards after a match.

Play Tutorial Mission[]

Play this mission to learn the basic tasks of the APEX forces.

This mission can be replayed, but only counts once toward the Tutorial Challenge.

Replay Intro Movie[]

Replays the multiplayer introduction movie.


If you have not completed the Tutorial Challenge, accessing the Tutorials menu from the main screen and opening the Tutorial Challenge will automatically open the sub-menu for the Tutorial Challenge on the Prestige menu. You can access this challenge from either method.

The tutorial mission counts towards any challenges with kett, Firebase Zero waves, and/or Bronze waves requirements.

Achievements and trophies[]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned related to the multiplayer tutorial: