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I'm not sure what you mean by current dialogue not influencing future dialogue choices. There's at least one line of conversation that cuts off romance with Suvi Anwar.

If you have a source for the information on the Bioware developers, please cite it. I'm not sure what the format is for that; I can find out. --Blazedspawn (talk) 04:27, 7 August 2018 (UTC)

Hey Blazedspawn,
In the ME 1-3 games, when you would speak to characters, your conversation choices heavily influenced your choices going forward. You could make paragon or renegade choices (the morality system) and then that was it. You were a bad guy or a good guy. There were huge ramifications. The new system pretty much lets you say or respond anyway you want with those 4 tone choices and all it does is changes your personality profile in the submenus (no impacts). There is no morality system in MEA any longer.
There may be one or two spots where the dialogue is impacted but it is SOOOO little that it is no where near how it used to be. It used to be 50-50 good-bad.
I combined the line and pulled some of the text. Hopefully that makes it better.
I pulled that uncited line. I don't remember where I ended up finding that info and I should have grabbed the cite when I wrote it long ago. I'll have to do some research to see if I can ever find it again. Time gets murky for my brain sometimes. :)
Let me know if that works better for that page.
Yes, that's better. Thanks. I sometimes wish I had the dialogue tree for the game. Then I remember that I don't actually want to spend the next five years reading code. I do know that the twins have different dialogue. For example, Sara and Scott have different responses to Jaal's question about how eyeballs work.
I also have some thoughts about the psych profile. As far as I can tell, there are set paragraphs that are added in response to a particular set of choices. I haven't really explored it yet.
Nice emphasis on saving before certain conversation choices. The Charlatan's Charlatan is one of those places where the effect of the dialogue choices isn't obvious.
Certain interrupts can have long-term effects, specifically, the one you used as an example.
--Blazedspawn (talk) 05:11, 7 August 2018 (UTC)


Sort of on the topic of dialogue: I don't see Jaal's friendship dialogue icon in the collection. It shows up before you can get a romance icon with him. I mentioned it when I edited the Romance page. I'll get a screenshot later, if I can find the right save to pick it up without going through Aya again. --Blazedspawn (talk) 06:06, 30 August 2018 (UTC)

Do you mean this icon? Friendship Conversation Choice Icon.png --GS877 (talk) 06:37, 30 August 2018 (UTC)
Yes, yes, I do. I was looking for a file called "friendship dialogue" or something like that. :-) I've updated the Romance page again. Thanks. --Blazedspawn (talk) 06:13, 1 September 2018 (UTC)


Do you have any way to show the firebase maps? Also, I think there are more than five. At least, one of the missions I saw last night was at Firebase Vertigo.

With all the information you're adding, I might try multiplayer! --Blazedspawn (talk) 21:25, 7 August 2018 (UTC)

There is no way to show the maps themselves. Sorry.
Yes, there are 10 total maps. I haven't gotten to that section yet on the MP page. I have to finish the weapons, the fire mode, the skills, and then the updates and patches before I add that section in. Work, work, work, work...--GS877 (talk) 22:38, 7 August 2018 (UTC)

There's only one multiplayer-only weapon per group, right? Is there a multiplayer-only melee weapon? --Blazedspawn (talk) 05:29, 18 August 2018 (UTC)
Hey Blazedspawn,
Yes, only 1 special MP weapon. Sovoa, Silhesh, Shorty, Kishock Harpoon Gun. There is no special multiplayer only melee weapons (well, none that can be changed)
Multiplayer weapons are fixed on the characters. You can't change or modify them. Some use the stock MEA melee weapons (Omni-blade, cryo gauntlet) but there are a few specialized ones (Batarain Gauntlet is an example). I have what they all are and can update the multiplayer pages with another section / "bullet point" with each one if that is what you would like.
MP weapons are complete. All sections filled out. All info in place with pics. All notes sections updated to reflect single/multi-player. Subheaders to match. --GS877 (talk) 05:39, 18 August 2018 (UTC)

- - - - -

Here are the melee weapons/attacks:
  • Angaran Firaan - 1x
  • Asari Sword - 1x
  • Batarian Gauntlet - 2x
  • Biotic Punch - 9x
  • Headbutt - 3x
  • Kett Carfalon - 2x
  • Krogan Hammer - 1x
  • Omni-Blade - 14x
  • Remnant Cryo-Gauntlet - 3x --GS877 (talk) 05:47, 18 August 2018 (UTC)
Thanks. I was wondering if there was a melee weapon corresponding to the guns. I'm going to put a superscript in the tables on the main weapons pages to point to the notes. With only one mp weapon per group, it doesn't make sense to make two tables.
Yes, please do add the melee info. I'm thinking there may be sensible ways to break that page down. Make it a main page with links to some of the bigger topics. Character customization could be its own page, or two or three. --Blazedspawn (talk) 06:58, 18 August 2018 (UTC)

Testing stuff[]

I'm done with Lev--did you know that you can't start Liam's loyalty line until you've talked to him about movie night? After that, everything happens very quickly: Armor Diplomacy, Day Out on Aya, and the actual loyalty mission, All In. After that, there's Community, which may or may not be preceded by Something for the Neighbors. Ziva can check where the romance mission fits in the line.

I'll continue Ziva today or tomorrow, get her off the Nexus and onto the Tempest. I'll be testing that question we had about Danny Messier fighting kett (SUCH a bad plan for a guy who can't handle a few giant bugs!) I'll also have her check that mission with the krogan engineer when she gets to Elaaden. This will also be a good chance to make sure I get maps and images for the orphan RD items, and images and notes for the slightly tricky to find items like the KCET under the turret platform at Ja Niihk.

Is there anything else you can think of that needs testing that she might be able to deal with? (There are a couple of emails I need to get, but they require a Scott.)

--Blazedspawn (talk) 17:39, 8 August 2018 (UTC)

The mission acquisition mechanics aren't figured out the best in this game. Again, back to our conversations about super open massive worlds is mission acquisition mechanics. If you choose to do nothing but the main missions what happens to all of those smaller ones? What if I only do the small ones? What if I do things out of order? How does order fit? Can things be broken... etc. The developers didn't plan for this and the sloppiness shows. You have to do a LOT of extra testing to make sure you don't break things / create problems. (It's clear they didn't do this). I pretty much complete everything I can before moving on and I'm careful to save a lot. I make sure I can go backwards for recent things. I try to not leave stuff waiting around.
There was the Stage a Rescue question that I had about mission acquisition/consequences. (SEE there it is again. :) ) If you just approach the area in the Northern Holding Area for Task: clearing the Air (without getting stage a rescue the normal way through Skeot), does the mission log put the mission Stage A Rescue under "Heleus Assignments" or "Priority Ops"? If you then follow the normal course of the game and speak to Buxil for Meet The Family, does it change the mission logs for Stage A Rescue? (Put it in a different place, change the text, etc).
You also mentioned "I haven't checked to see how far you can get on Voeld or Havarl without finishing A Trail of Hope, or at least rescuing Moshae Sjefa. I think there may be people who simply won't talk to you until you've proven yourself by rescuing the Moshae, but I'm not sure who or what missions they control." Maybe you could prove out some of this but that's completely up to you.
I have the pics up for the danny messier locations but I didn't add them into the article per our previous conversation. They are there though for the two that are known good (and the third if you are able to prove out one way or the other for the third).

That was all jumbled. I think that's everything. :) --GS877 (talk) 18:41, 8 August 2018 (UTC)
Thanks. I'll do that. Can you tell me the names for the Danny Messier image files? I'd like to have a look at them. --Blazedspawn (talk) 23:09, 9 August 2018 (UTC)
Well, I guess, if I really have to, if I can make the time, being that my time is SO VALUABLE being sarcastic and the such, I'll go and climb Mt. Everest and put in the effort to go and get the names... :)
Or I mean, yes, here is the list of the file names. (I have entirely too much free time to think of these things)
File:MEA A Job For Danny Messier - Remnant Location.png
File:MEA A Job For Danny Messier - Flora and Fauna Location.png
File:MEA A Job For Danny Messier - Kett Location.png
I gotta go put the climbing gear back in the garage now. It was such a long trek up that mountain... :) --GS877 (talk) 01:17, 10 August 2018 (UTC)
Thanks. I appreciate it. I'll let you know what I find out. --Blazedspawn (talk) 01:45, 10 August 2018 (UTC)
I think there are two missions that can't be done on Voeld before Moshae Sjefa is rescued. I don't think Reformation is available. And Task: Earn Your Badge is actually acquired on the Nexus after the angara are on-station. I've acquired everything else, though I haven't finish all of it. I did establish the outpost before doing Remove the Heart, which is the big thing on Voeld aside from the rescue. Really, all the outpost needs is viability and a site. --Blazedspawn (talk) 11:13, 19 August 2018 (UTC)
Oh, and Peebee's rem-tech didn't show up. I got an email when I got back to the ship. --Blazedspawn (talk) 11:14, 19 August 2018 (UTC)

Slack community[]

You're welcome to join our Slack community. It's a great place to get in touch with other editors from all over Gamepedia, wiki staff, and more. If you're interested in joining or learning more, feel free to check out! --Alianin T •  C 19:07, 9 August 2018 (UTC)]


Which blueprints are acquired on completing a mission? Have I forgotten something or is this related to multiplayer? --Blazedspawn (talk) 03:19, 11 August 2018 (UTC)

Hey Blazedspawn,
I know that Epilogue: Home and Away awards a Leveled Heleus Armor Helmet Blueprint. I don't know off hand quickly if any other ones award just the blueprint. I think they mostly give the actual weapon. Will have to do some checking. --GS877 (talk) 04:21, 11 August 2018 (UTC)
Duh! Of course. How could I forget that? See, way too hot to think. --Blazedspawn (talk) 04:49, 11 August 2018 (UTC)


I am grateful for the contributions you've been making, especially in the multiplayer categories. However, I would prefer that you not simply copy your work from the other wiki. The two sites have different styles. I don't want to see this turn into a copy of that site.

Some of the things that come from the other site, or possibly from Bioware, are just plain wrong. For example, Munitions does sometimes drop Cobra RPGs, which are rare consumables.

I'm here because I couldn't find reliable information elsewhere. I've put a fair amount of work into confirming details and numbers. Bioware's info and press releases can be found anywhere, for example, at the other wiki. I don't need them reproduced verbatim here. I was wondering, also, do you play multiplayer, or is all of this coming from other sites or press releases?

Again, I do appreciate the new content. --Blazedspawn (talk) 23:59, 11 August 2018 (UTC)

Hey Blazedspawn,
I used to play MP but it got boring. I started wanting to find out more about the MP stuff because the loot pool is so diluted that I wanted to learn more about the game that I kept not getting any items for. That lead to just half finished info or stuff from around March 2017 and then nothing else. I found that as I started researching and playing the game that so much was missing. I got started into wiki's in Feb 2018 and it just swallowed my time. The more I didn't know, the more I wanted to learn. The more I wanted to create. I kept finding wikis that had all of this great info for ME1, ME2, and ME3 with wonderful tables with super detailed info but MEA had nothing. The game just died. No one was creating any new content. I couldn't find anything so I went out and started the process of creating all of the missing info. I got bit by the creative bug and started learning about all of these ways of coding that I never knew anything about before.
I do numbers and details. If I ask myself the question "Well, what does that cryo pod perk really do..." If I ask that question, then someone else will too. So I should find out everything I can about them.
I asked myself the question, how many units of aluminum do I need? So I went through every mission, collected the data, and then created a table.
Aluminum page
I then asked myself, what about all of other resources? I then created tables for all them. Some of the worst were Omni-gel or Element Zero.
Omni-gel table
Element Zero
I then said, what about a grand total table for resourcees.
Grand total table
So I started creating tables on XP, rewards, tempest scanning rewards, mission rewards, you name it.
Tempest Scanning Rewards
Mission rewards
That led to weapon tables, armor tables, augmentations tables,
Weapon Tables
Armor Tables
Augmentation Tables
I just kept learning and creating. Finding new ways to code and make more creative and useful ways to display information.
Every subject I started to look at, I had to learn more. So I just filled my brain with as much as I could by playing, watching others on youtube, replaying my game, playing MP, just devouring as much as I could.
I like the art of creation. Then the act of precision in making the most elegant ways to display that art. It's my hobby. I may take it a bit too far at times. Maybe just a bit too far... :) --GS877 (talk) 05:46, 12 August 2018 (UTC)
I get the risk of going too far. I don't want to think about how much time I've spent GIMP'ing images. And how much time I'll spend doing it again because I'm not entirely happy with the weapons images for the singleplayer items. (Thanks SO MUCH for putting up the much nicer images for the multiplayer items. No, really, they are nice. It's not your fault they make mine look bad. :-) )
I mentioned that I'm working on this wiki because I couldn't find reliable weapons data elsewhere. I found lots of information, but it was inconsistent across sites. You may have noticed my note at the bottom of all the weapon main pages about the source of the stats. Most of the "second folder" stats (Tiers VI-X) are numbers I added myself. I like data that's been confirmed as correct. As you said, what does it really do? If you've personally confirmed the numbers in the game, that's great. (BTW, the Munitions consumable drop isn't just common and uncommon items. I've collected a few Cobra RPG's.)
As far as reproducing in-game things, like the skills pages, we're kind of stuck with what's there. Again, the figures are going to be useful mostly for comparison, and they can't be easily confirmed (or disproved) by a player who isn't significantly more nerdy than I am. So, for example, the description of the APEX Tactics reward is what it is. But I may have to add a note when I'm further along in my data collection about what the numbers really are. (I have a degree in counting things and I'm here to tell you that 19 is more than 15% of 63.)
Bear with me, please. I'm sort of thinking aloud here. As far as what goes up on this wiki, I look for a few things. One, tools to help a player make decisions about gameplay--mission order, gear, skills, etc. Two, information on the game world, to support decision-making (vendors, RD sources, resources) and for interest (lore and description of characters and locations).
Incoming damage figures aren't available to the player in-game, so the formula that the game engine uses to decide if a character has died isn't useful to the player in-game. It's interesting, so a link to the article would be fine. But the key figures are those that help a player decide which armor to use.
Brief strategy or usage notes on item pages might be good. A number of the augmentation pages have empty strategy sections which could be filled in. Kinetic Coil, for example, might go something like "Weapon damage bonus is insignificant below X. Best used in armor." I've been thinking of making a category for strategy pages, for places to put more information and suggestions. I've drafted an armor strategy page. Let me know what you think.
I'm still not sure what to do about the patch notes. I really don't like the massive page. I'd rather see links on smaller pages. The weather has wrought havoc with my head and my sleep "schedule," so I haven't had a chance to look at the previous patch note pages to see what they were meant to accomplish. (I didn't put those up, I think Alianin did.)
It's a balancing act. There's also the matter of style and atmosphere. So far, I've tried to stick with what I found here, which was friendly and supportive. Alianin and Wagnike (nkwagner on Slack, if/when you get there) did an amazing job setting up this wiki. Most of the pages, templates, and the framework was done by them. Also, many of the original images were uploaded by Tagaziel (tagz on Slack).
Despite my attempt to be better organized, sometimes I don't get things done in the order I mean to. And I'm easily distracted, so I'm probably going to go confirm all the Biotic skills pages for singleplayer, just because I spotted a discrepancy between the wiki page and my game while I was reviewing your edit. :-p --Blazedspawn (talk) 20:12, 12 August 2018 (UTC)
I look at a wiki in the following fashion - I'm a new player. I want to know how much aluminum I'm ever going to need. Should I buy some? Should I just find it exploring, etc. I then ask myself, ok, how much info and detail do I want to put into that question. The answer is 25 units. Well, what do those 25 units buy me? Well, it's 4 items. Ok, what are those 4 items, well, they are all special items. Well ok, what are the exact items. Cyvernetic device, human trap, liam's armor requisition, liam's lover's leap jump jet mod. Well ok, what are those used for? Can you put a link or other info to lead me to more info? Where can I find some aluminum. Who sells it? Can you deconstruct items to get aluminum?
Based on all of those questions, I build a table to convey that information in an elegant form. There are about 10 questions just for aluminum. There are 27 resources for materials and minerals. All of those questions and more appear.
I want any person who comes to the wiki with a basic question to be able to learn more and easily find what they are looking for. It's great to know exactly how much of everything I will ever need for resources for 1 copy of everything. I can tell you pretty close to exactly how much XP you can get for playing the whole game and not going out an looking for XP. 155,130 (a little less than this technical number based on mutually exclusive missions and mission choices).
I don't ever want someone to have to do what I did for Omni-Gel Canister ever again. Yes, looking at 69 items it totally possible and you can do it but what is your real question. If I've thought of every possible question or permutation, then the basic person coming here should have no unanswered questions. Some things can't be answered because they aren't spelled out clearly in-game like damage and the such but most should be easy. Some things like the Damage Resistance formula are technical in nature but are more of a rule of thumb for making decisions. It tells you that yes, you can get very high DR but after a certain point, the math doesn't work well in your favor. 100DR gets you 50% reduction. 200DR isn't double but only 66%. Diminishing returns. Spend you armor slots and skills in other areas. Having that there is more to show you what it means. If the tweet hadn't spelled it out, I would have totally left it out. It's just not useful. The numbers lend credence to the concept. I'm not being wishy washy or making it up off the fly. I got numbers, you can totally trust me. :)
I want the information that can be gleaned from the game to be shared to others so that they don't have to sit for hours combing through pages, flipping through endless poorly designed in game menus, or getting out the spreadsheet. :) Have fun, play the game, we did the hard work for you and made these wonderful tables, or lists, or whatever to get you that level of detail if you want it. I'm a super big fan of sortable tables because you just know you're going to ask a question that requires sorting a large number of entries. I'm a big fan of icons or check marks or simplification in case English isn't your native tongue. Can I display this information in a fashion that the less smart people get it and the super geniuses do as well? (How do you like that politically correct statement for levels of intelligence :) )
I may be a bit fanatical at times with my level of detail but the constant maelstrom in my head of details and questions is always swirling. I just like to create, revise, make things more elegant yet simple at the same time. To just try to get this stuff out of my head. :) --GS877 (talk) 01:09, 13 August 2018 (UTC)
You're the guy who pores over the endless tables in the old RPG manuals, aren't you. :-)
We definitely have different approaches. I would never start with "how much aluminum will I need?" I figure, if it's something I find in the world, it's good for something. Aluminum is actually not a great example, because it's used so little. Titanium and Platinum, on the other hand, are used a lot, for the items listed on those pages. How much you need can be found on the individual item pages. Anyone who wants the sums done for them can find your tables on the other wiki.
Maybe a strategy page for armor is the place for the formula, with examples like the ones you gave. --Blazedspawn (talk) 03:19, 13 August 2018 (UTC)
I have to remind myself that other people don't think in the super non-linear fashion like I do. I have to try and think of multiple ways that someone could see a situation to understand the different ways to approach a problem. The perfect solution that no one supports isn't as good as a pretty good solution that everybody supports.
I'm also the person that sits and looks at the pretty colors. Look at them. So pretty. Ooooooh, and some are SHINEY! Oh, I'm sorry, what was I talking about? I was looking at the pretty...of course I'm paying attention. :)
You might be onto something with the strategy page for the armors. A good place to put more detailed info. --GS877 (talk) 06:55, 13 August 2018 (UTC)

Formatting and Presentation[]

Just thoughts as I work on stuff. Collapsible tables are useful, particularly for things like [[Strike team mission#Chance of success |Strike Team odds]]. It's a long table, rather than a wide one, so making it collapsible, or rather, expandable if you set it to start collapsed, means the viewer doesn't have to scroll past it, but can get to it easily if they want to. The main price tables Prices: Leveled Items and Prices: Unleveled Items, aren't collapsible, but I think I'll make the Grey Market tables collapsible. (Because I, too, do succumb to details. :-p ) Huh. I'm having tiny thoughts about materials tables... Have to think about where those might go. Not on the Crafting page, I think. Maybe a linked page of tables? Tiny new thoughts, moving to back of brain while other stuff happens. Need more coffee. --Blazedspawn (talk) 17:41, 13 August 2018 (UTC)

I think that each situation is unique and I always look at aesthetics to see what works best. Sometimes fit, form, or function trumps this. Sometimes location is important. Maybe I design the page to put the super long table at the bottom to not wreck the flow. I don't like collapsed tables or navboxes at the bottom of a page because it can be missed very easily. I notice this issue a lot with nav boxes. I don't want an obnoxiously big navbox but I don't want it to not be easily seen. Unless it's just a mechanics navbox (Like all of the commands for a Wikipedia page that really only hardcore users would be looking into.) I have to think like a newbie who doesn't know wikis and doesn't understand collapse/expand. It's seems super intuitive but it took me a long time to see those collapsed navboxes on pages to figure out how to open them up/that I could open up for more info. That seems super dumb, but it's not. If I did it, then others for sure will. It's all a balance.
I'm sure you'll come up with really good ideas for resource tables and/or the right location. :) --GS877 (talk) 21:35, 13 August 2018 (UTC)
 :-) Thanks for the vote of confidence. I was going to look into making the collapse/expand feature less obtrusive (it takes up space in the right-most column of the table), but I guess I won't. Where are there collapsed navboxes? --Blazedspawn (talk) 22:15, 13 August 2018 (UTC)
I was just talking in general about the collapse/expand function. You can totally design what you feel works best for here. I don't think I've seen any here that are collapsed nav boxes. I want to say other wikis or even Wikipedia had them when I saw that issue. The page that I was on at the time, it didn't make sense to hide the info. It was quite annoying. When I did discover the nav box, I was like "Why hide that? That's totally useful." It was like an inch tall as well when expanded. Wasn't a big deal for space. Just was bad design in my opinion. It would be like having the Skills nav box collapsed on all skill pages here. That nav box is at the bottom, out of the way, and has value. It's a great reference so you can quickly pop between the other skills and it's only like 1 inch tall when expanded. It's not in the way or distracting in any fit, form, or function. It gets really annoying if you have to open the collapsed navbox every time you go to a new page with a different skill (because it is auto collapsed). It's the little things like that that annoy me to no end.
Sometimes when I'm deeply involved with creation/design, I can miss really easy stuff. I'll ask someone else for a bullsh** check. A BS check is - Look this over for me and tear it apart. Does this make sense? Give me an honest review. You won't offend me. I think my work says what it should say but I want you to tell me what you think. I think I have it right but I'm too close to it to be able to see if I'm missing stuff. - I don't tell them what I was trying to do, I let the work show it. If they can't get the story/my concept easily, then I haven't designed it right. Sometimes complex designs will require a bit of training but it should be easy to train someone with that information.
Each person learns things in different ways. Having pics, words, tables, and other means to convey information is a good thing. That way different people can access the same information and learn the best. :) --GS877 (talk) 00:14, 14 August 2018 (UTC)
Cool. I can rip things apart. Used to make a living doing that. :-) Well, formatting things and noticing stuff to fix in the process. Yeah, I don't see the point of collapsible navboxes. I like navboxes. I threw some in on stuff like the Salvage Team 13 logs. Less obtrusive than a bullet list and just as easy to use.
I just added the Grey Market prices to the Prices: Unleveled Items page. I have the tables for the leveled gear, but I don't want to put those on that page--too much. I think. I'm going to go stare at a different screen for a while. --Blazedspawn (talk) 01:33, 14 August 2018 (UTC)


When you make a new template, please also make a documentation page (see Template:Infobox/doc). --Blazedspawn (talk) 17:20, 18 August 2018 (UTC)

Will do. Give me a few minutes to correct Template:Rarity so it has one of those. I didn't know about the /doc convention here until very recently. It didn't dawn on me to create this portion for that. I will do so.
I'll also create one for the Template:MapIcons. (This may take a little bit longer).--GS877 (talk) 17:30, 18 August 2018 (UTC)
I fixed both templates to use the formatting that you recommended. I used Template:Item infobox as a guide. Both tempaltes I added now have docs and follow the style/formatting used here. :) --GS877 (talk) 19:24, 18 August 2018 (UTC)

Notes sections[]

Do you find adding bullet points makes the Notes sections on the weapons pages easier to read? I need to add a note to the Sandstorm page about the Tier X using Element Zero instead of Vanadium. --Blazedspawn (talk) 17:27, 18 August 2018 (UTC)

I think it makes it cleaner and separates points so the reader knows there are more than one topic in that place. Whatever you think works best. :) I happened to use that for the weapon pages because I was trying to keep the singleplayer and multiplayer points as distinct concepts. They are closely worded and talk about very similar topics. If it was just a break or space between the lines, I have trouble with that as I don't fully know if it is a pause or if it is a different topic. If I BP it, then I know for sure. Just my take on it. :) --GS877 (talk) 17:33, 18 August 2018 (UTC)
Makes sense, for those pages. Not sure about the mission pages. --Blazedspawn (talk) 19:19, 18 August 2018 (UTC)


Not familiar with that, though I feel as though I should be. What does it mean?--Blazedspawn (talk) 03:23, 19 August 2018 (UTC)

Hey Blazedspawn,
NOTOC is a built in wiki command to suppress the table of contents. No Table of Contents (No.T.O.C.). There are a few other commands you can use dealing with the TOC. :) If you put 2 underscores before and after the word, this activates the command. __NOTOC__.
They are called "Magic Words". I'm not even kidding. :) I've put the wiki help link below. Lots of cool words. words
I was using the function on those pages because they didn't match the others. The TOC is only showing up because there are 4 subheaders on those pages while the rest have 3 headers. Usually it is an extra notes section because of a materials difference or some other problem that is adding that 4th subheader. To make it easy to look between them, I suppressed them. Only a few spots have it.
It was suppress the TOC or add a table of contents using __TOC__ to force a table of contents on 50+ pages. I'll take the 5 over 50 any day. :) --GS877 (talk) 03:44, 19 August 2018 (UTC)
I just saw this on the page:
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm gonna get smacked but it's TOTALLY worth the joke. :) --GS877 (talk) 03:52, 19 August 2018 (UTC)
THAT'S why I felt like I should know it. Yeah, stuff like PAGENAME... Haven't thought about it for about a year. But, yeah, good idea suppressing the ToC on those pages. Thanks. --Blazedspawn (talk) 04:01, 19 August 2018 (UTC)

Vendor Page[]

Wow, that got wide. Thanks--that's been annoying me for a while, trying to sort it to figure out who sells what, but I didn't think about separating the categories. --Blazedspawn (talk) 07:05, 19 August 2018 (UTC)

I crunched it down to 90% and change the header tops to 0.8em. That's the art of creation. Tiny tweaks after the fact. It looks better a little bit less wide. The columns wouldn't crunch down. The table was auto out to 100%. I think wikitable does that. Down to 90% looks better. :)
I like me some check marks and a sortable table. Soooo nice to be able to quickly sort. They take a LONG time to set up but once they are done they just look so nice. Constantly clicking back and forth with preview. --GS877 (talk) 07:16, 19 August 2018 (UTC)


I know the game says "weapons" for the Aerial augmentations, but they can't be used in melee weapons. Maybe a note? --Blazedspawn (talk) 09:11, 19 August 2018 (UTC)

I was working on a table and it wasn't working right. I undid what I was thinking. Need to go to sleep. :)--GS877 (talk) 09:25, 19 August 2018 (UTC)
What is this "sleep" you speak of? --Blazedspawn (talk) 10:32, 19 August 2018 (UTC)
I'm tired of tracking links back and forth when I want to look at a different augmentation, so I'm making a navbox for augmentations. I've got it mostly done. The table lists them as MW, Heleus, Remnant, and unspecified, which makes sense. I've noticed, though, that all the common augmentations, the ones that don't require research, are MW tech. Any ideas on how to note those in the navbox? They're all Uncommon, except for the Double Mod Extension. They're all general, mod slots, or gun fire type. --Blazedspawn (talk) 21:07, 19 August 2018 (UTC)
I'm having trouble seeing what you mean about the second portion. Splitting into Remnant, Heleus, Milky Way, and Unspec makes sense. I don't understand the portion about noting that they are MW tech if they aren't MW RD in the nav box. I may just be missing a very easy concept. Can you mock up what you are thinking so I could visually see it? :) --GS877 (talk) 22:08, 19 August 2018 (UTC)
Milky Way Augmentation.png Heleus Augmentation.png Remnant Augmentation.png

If you look in Inventory, all of the augmentations are displayed with one of those three backgrounds. That's why I say the general, mod slot, and gun fire type are Milky Way, even though they don't required MW RD.

This is the navbox. --Blazedspawn (talk) 23:14, 19 August 2018 (UTC)
I gotcha now. I would call them all Milky Way for your navbox purposes. The in game icon shows them as that. They just don't use RD to create them. I'll add the word Milky Way to all of those on the table. I'm about to work on the table some more. Check marks perhaps????? :)--GS877 (talk) 23:23, 19 August 2018 (UTC)
Makes sense. It does help that there's no RD cost shown in the table. I should have that done in a few minutes. Well, now. --Blazedspawn (talk) 23:41, 19 August 2018 (UTC)
I checked all of the aug pages and the main aug page. Both tables are up and online on the main page. The colorization coding is in place and ok on individual pages. All augs have restriction notes on applicable pages. --GS877 (talk) 01:16, 20 August 2018 (UTC)

Weapon Images[]

The weapon tables currently have little images of the weapons, the right size for putting in a table. The main page for each weapon has multiple images, for the singleplayer version and for each multiplayer version, with the singleplayer version going in the infobox. If you look at Cyclone, you'll see what I did with the images--the one in the infobox is basically a cleaned-up screenshot as it appears when you open the inventory (or research, I don't remember which ones I used). The other one is rotated around a vertical axis (as opposed to the angle on your multiplayer pics).

I noticed that the Cyclone you used in the table has a scope on it. I'd like to make icons for the tables that are base versions--no mods. That seems like a good size (208px x 163px) for an icon. I should pick a consistent footprint size for the other images.

  • Table icons: unmodded version, 208x163, at a pretty angle.
  • Weapon page infoboxes (main page and upgrades): unmodded version, some standard footprint.
  • Weapon main page: unmodded or modded, at some pretty angle, probably consistent (probably want to note that it's modded, unless it's obvious), also at some standard footprint

Reviewing categories (because I'm drinking coffee and am therefore sort of focused, despite shortage of that "sleep" thing). Under images:

  • Weapon images
    • Assault rifle images
    • Melee images
    • Pistol images
    • Shotgun images
    • Sniper rifle images
    • Weapon icons (for stuff like the tiny table images and the rarity images)
    • Weapon mod images
      • Assault rifle mod images
      • Pistol mod images
      • Shotgun mod images
      • Sniper rifle mod images

--Blazedspawn (talk) 01:44, 20 August 2018 (UTC)

Hey Blazedspawn,
Those are the MP images from the in-game reward cards. They were SUPER great at checking their work. :) Some of the shotguns have that melee mod protuberance sticking off the front or like you said some may have a scope. I didn't check them all super well. I was able to get those images from the official website and that's what they use there as well for the reward cards. There is no way to remove those mods from the images. That's what they put out there for them for the "official images". I'd gladly get you an un-modded version if it existed in MP but sadly that it the crappy job that they did. You can tell they were sloppy because when someone else came in and made the bulwark, concussive, and siphon version of that weapon that they didn't make the same mistake. Instead of correcting the problem with the MP only version, they left it and put out their new color versions that didn't match. That was in patch 1.09 that those new weapons sowed up so they were still in official fixing mode (so they could have fixed it). After Update 1.10, there is no adding or subtracting of images, etc. They can change numbers for things on the server side of stuff for multiplayer (100 damage to 120) but not change anything else. It sucks. Just more sloppy work.
Maybe a small note on the main weapon page could say that "The official image for the Cyclone shows a scope (or whatever mod it looks like for the weapon in question) but no mod is actually in place. This is an error by BioWare that can no longer be corrected as Update 1.10 was the last official patch to the game."
They are such pretty pictures. I really do like them the best with the slight angle upwards. They look so nice all lined up on a main weapon type page. It would save you the trouble of having to go back in and change all of those weapons with errors (or make all new pics for all of the weapons). The Dhan has a melee mod on it, it looks like for the MP version but the variants are missing it. Looks like the Hesh as well. All of the other guns look ok for shotguns. Looks like maybe 1 or two more ARs have the same scope thing. I can't see any pistols off hand and the sniper rifles all have default scopes (or something like that for a good portion of the images). Hard to say.
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.--GS877 (talk) 02:05, 20 August 2018 (UTC)
Oh, Bioware! Well, I'll just see how I feel about fiddling with those. I did make matching images for the Pathfinder weapons. No multiplayer versions, I guess. Not worried about making notes about the table images just now. Thanks. --Blazedspawn (talk) 02:10, 20 August 2018 (UTC)
No reason to change the multiplayer images on the pages. I can make new table icons, cleaned up and set at the angle. --Blazedspawn (talk) 03:08, 20 August 2018 (UTC)
Made little icon images for the tables. Let me know what you think. --Blazedspawn (talk) 00:18, 21 August 2018 (UTC)
Looks good. :) --GS877 (talk) 00:38, 21 August 2018 (UTC)
Quick question. Are you going to fix the tilt on the pathfinder pioneer? It looks like you swapped back to the non-tilted version (maybe this was an accident). --GS877 (talk) 01:10, 21 August 2018 (UTC)
Yes, probably an accident. I'll fix that. --Blazedspawn (talk) 01:17, 21 August 2018 (UTC)

Terminal image categories[]

I've been using "email" to refer to communications between Ryder and anyone else. Communications that don't involve the Pathfinder are simply terminal entries. --Blazedspawn (talk) 00:15, 22 August 2018 (UTC)

No problem Blazedspawn.
There was an issue with the category:Terminal_images. The underscore between the words wasn't allowing the pics to be categorized. It looked like they were ok with a blue link but when you looked at Special Pages:Uncategorized images, those were showing up. I finally figured out that pulling the underscore correctly let the category work. I was looking at another pic to see what the pics were categorized for. I didn't realize the Ryder vs others for the second email category. Since there are no pics left, I can't make the mistake anymore. :) --GS877 (talk) 00:22, 22 August 2018 (UTC)
Yeah, I'm not sure how that underscore got there. I think some part of the system adds it in places, but I don't know what part or when or why. --Blazedspawn (talk) 01:59, 22 August 2018 (UTC)


Hey GS, it's kind of sad that you left the other wiki just do to a dispute with temp. I hope that in time, I will see you there again! DeldiRe

Hey DeldiRe!!!!!
It's not going to get any better there. EVER. I only had about 6 months invested there so for me it's not the biggest deal to leave. After talking and discussing with another admin from a different wiki, I was counseled to reflect upon what I could actually do and what the outcomes could be. Perhaps just leaving was best.
After taking time to reflect, I walked away from what was never going to get better. I looked back at 6 years of that abusive and horrible behavior and there is no way to stop it. The other admins won't help. It's not a community wiki anymore but his wiki. I want no part of it anymore.
I miss getting to work with you. You are a very sharp and creative person. I really did enjoy our collaborative work. :)
I will say though, that should you decide to create an account/come here and do work, you will find an atmosphere that is 10,000% better. Blazedspawn is a wonderful admin that actively works with you to create the best content. (I know she's reading this. :) )
She has a huge amount of content available and is able to get lots of beautiful images. She has multiple Ryder's available to check questions you may have. The rules are a bit more relaxed but she is still very astute on keeping things accurate and matching in game as close as possible. HOWEVER, there is no hack and slash reverts for not matching some bullsh*t obscure bit of content from ME1. This wiki is for MEA only. So I don't have to link back to anything else. I can just focus on MEA.
Plus she is really nice about explaining if she reverts or corrects something that you have worked on (which is almost never). I was so used to the rigid rules at that other place that at times I added stuff that didn't need to be here. I can still self apply the rule to myself that only in-game content can be added but it's not required.
I do know that Blazedspawn is looking to start working on in-depth walkthroughs for the major vaults so that is something that she would like help with as well as other items. I'm kinda burned out on walkthroughs for a bit and it's a touchy subject with me at the moment but I will glady help review any content that is created :)
We are also going to be working on interactive imagemaps for all of the main planets. When you click on a location on a map, it will take you to the location page. Some new cool stuff I learned about.
It's a great place to create content related to MEA. If you want a place that feels like a community, this is the place to be. It's only two people at the moment making active changes but you are more than welcome to join. :) --GS877 (talk) 22:22, 10 September 2018 (UTC)
On a side note - I left a response to your question on that other wiki on your personal testing wiki but I don't know if you saw it. --GS877 (talk) 22:41, 10 September 2018 (UTC)
Hey Thanks for your answers and I'm sorry I didn't see your previous post on my personal wiki (that I almost never visit).
I can only understand your point of view and I can tell you that 6 years ago, the situation was worst with the so called admin "Lancer". Just so you know, I see your point about other admin (Elseweyr), Iwould just say that she is a lot like Blazedspawn but she just have less time to give to the wiki and she was really disappointed by MEA so she is not reaaly involved in it. You just should give her a chance ;).
For the subject Temp, I know that he becoming more rude years after years even if me and Elseweyr stand a lot of times to temper the situation. However, as you know, he is also a very valuable editor in the wiki since several years (which excuse nothing on his recent behavior). Either way, I don't want to leave the wiki like this as it is the most valuable source of information on the Mass Effect franchise and even if the gamepedia wiki is not that bad, it lacks the previous games!
I think I will follow you work in here so I can implement it in the other wiki if it's ok for you. So we can still work together on the franchise even if I don't really see the point of having two different wiki ;).
To conclude, I will try to settle the Temp issue because it is killing the community on our wiki and it has to be dealt with. As you said, even your numerous and valuable edits were not taken into account in its reactions. It's completely non sense!. DeldiRe
Hey DeldiRe,
I'll go through your points one by one. :)
I figured it was a long shot to put a message on your wiki but I thought it might send you an alert that someone had posted there.
As for Elsie, just because she didn't like the game, does not excuse her duties as an admin. You may not be as active as you once were, but you can at least respond to an admin request when things get really bad on the wiki. I made two very specific and detailed requests for help. She has responded before with a small blurb when busy, so I know and accept that people have other things going on in real life. I waited 2 weeks and there was ZERO response (To this day there has been no response). No "I'm kinda busy...", "I need some time...", nothing. That in itself is a crystal clear answer.
If you leave me swinging in the wind by the neck, just hanging there, you are done. You cross a line with me that you never get to come back from. If you let me hang this time, you will let me hang every time. It says a lot about your deep down character when you don't act, just as much as when you do.
You yourself stood up for me heroically I might add. :) That was not lost on me and you have my greatest respect for that. Others noticed what you did and let me know that what you did was quite bold and completely warranted.
Temp isn't going to change and he's taken over the wiki. Unless staff kicks him out, no one can unseat or remove him. He rules like a petulant child with a flamethrower.
You said that I am always calm and will work in a wiki way even if someone spits in my face. How angry did I have to get to push back hard that first time? When he responded back and slap me in the face with his nonsense words and made up rules, I responded back in an even harsher and more bold fashion with facts and logic. How angry was I then? He then insulted me, pulled rank, and told me to leave. How angry do you think I was then? When the other admins couldn't even be bothered to respond, how angry was I then?
I was so angry, that I left. There is something about getting older that you just learn when to quit. You can keep fighting, keep tearing away, and just keep causing strife, or you can walk away to sunny places.
I don't care how valuable he was in the past, he has zero value now. He crossed lines that would get you banned in a second on any other wiki for long periods of cooloff time. As an admin, there is no reason for him to act or respond in the fashion that he does. He purposely writes curse words and other derogatory words into responses/subject lines just to try to get me to respond. He's poking away with the sharp stick. I see him doing it to this day. No admin has any business acting like that. EVER. He's destroyed the vault walkthroughs and turned them into garbage. Removed the valuable pics and replaced them with nonsense pretty shots that show nothing. Fortunately I saved most of the images before he deleted them but alas I was unable to save some.
I saw he put out a request / update for help today. It was nice to see that you have to follow the "MOS". Really? What MOS? The same MOS that doesn't exist except in his own mind? Made up bullshit conflicting rules that are entirely his own preference one year after the work is all done? Well, he can go and fix everything on his own now. Because no one else is going to help him.
Feel free to use my work but make sure that you credit the source. That is one thing that Blazedspawn (gamepedia) takes very seriously. I know that the higher up admins here are always watching here and they will take note of things / make suggestions about sourcing. As long as you credit the source, then you can use my work as much as you would like. :)
A second source means that you can find info that someone else threw away because "he" didn't like it. He's just getting started destroying the work that we did. He keeps thinking like the prior 3 games that were fixed in stone and rigid. The amount of flexibility and data in MEA makes that not work anymore. He's cutting and chopping to make it fit the old when he shouldn't. He's too stupid to see the grand design and picture. He's not thinking like someone coming to the wiki for a specific question but just for some storyline walkthrough. It's not like that anymore. People want exact details and not wishy washy half text. Some people just want to know everything. That's what a wiki is for. To document those findings so that others can learn from what you learned.
He's on a crusade to turn it into only his perspective and it's going to end badly. Blazedspawn is constantly making helpful suggestions and working in a collaborative fashion. When you have people who think differently about the problem, you get better results. I'm a details and number person. I like frameworks and elegant designs. I like pretty pictures and colors. I like tables and charts. I also like when someone points out better ways to do things. Different perspectives. Iteration makes better product. Temp will never be like that. I want no part of that poison. It just infects you with anger.
Thank you again for your kind words and help. I really do wish I was able to work with you more. It's not healthy for me to be on that other wiki. I get a tad angry. :)
Feel free to set up an account just so that I can have a talk page to leave you messages on. You know I love to leave super long detailed never ending messages... :)
I can – and love to – confirm this! ;) CompleCCity (talk) 10:51, 25 September 2018 (UTC)
You are always welcome here and feel free to drop a line with any questions you may have. :) --GS877 (talk) 20:29, 14 September 2018 (UTC)

Test List[]

  • Aid APEX - can you get this mission without doing First Strike?
    • If so, does the first objective Assist at the APEX terminal, appear checked right away?
  • Test side vaults for resets and respawns
    • Ghost of promise - destroyer coms back but you have to leave the planet / just leaving the vault doesn't work. - door will be open second time but if you approach it appears. You get low XP (96 but with armor modifiers) and it dropped remains.
  • Andromeda Elite Helmet - Price list doesn't fit. Single level item. 96 credits for base. Doesn't match any other leveled items. Looks like Remnant Decryption Key price list. Confirm with GMI and GMII cryo pod perks to make sure.
    • GMI shows up as 120. This is more than likely just like RDK. - Pages updated with info on AEH
  • See if Overgrown is available after resetting Havarl's vault without acknowledging Havarl: Science Team Deployment.--Blazedspawn (talk) 03:24, 24 December 2018 (UTC)
    • It's not possible to start overgrown until you acknowledge the email to start Science Team Deployment. The table that the researchers are at isn't there and they aren't there. The bridge out front is broken down as well. When you acknowledge the email to start Science Team Deployment - the bridge fixes up and the table/researchers appears. Until then it's not possible to get them to show up. -GS877 (talk) 20:08, 10 February 2020 (UTC)
    • What have I DONE??? :) --GS877 (talk) 22:01, 26 December 2018 (UTC)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! --Blazedspawn (talk) 22:48, 26 December 2018 (UTC)

New Game + Checks[]

Items to check for new game +.

  • Do you get all of the items from the Special Delivery Cache again? Does it allow you to do this? -- Yes. --Blazedspawn (talk) 21:29, 11 September 2019 (UTC)
  • Does the Re-spec station reset back to 20 credits or does it remember how high you had the cost before new game +? -- Resets to 20 credits. --Blazedspawn (talk) 21:29, 11 September 2019 (UTC)
  • Do you have to get the Pyjak again with that mission? Is the cage missing from the Tempest near the forward station in the cargo hold? -- No cage, mission email on terminal. --Blazedspawn (talk) 21:29, 11 September 2019 (UTC)
  • Do hidden caches reset? Yes
  • Do mining zones reset? Yes
  • Do mineral nodes reset? Yes
  • Do map symbols change back to white / unknown or do they all show as known and blue? -- Habitat 7 map is reset. --Blazedspawn (talk) 00:03, 10 September 2019 (UTC)
  • Do anomalies in space reset? -- Given Suvi's announcements, yes. --Blazedspawn (talk) 21:29, 11 September 2019 (UTC)
  • Do special items that are not mission related reset? Special items in general? -- NG+ has Cybernetic Implant in inventory, but no blueprints --Blazedspawn (talk) 00:03, 10 September 2019 (UTC) The Humane Trap also appears in the All Items merchant screen but not in inventory or as a blueprint. --GS877 (talk) 20:10, 6 November 2020 (UTC)
  • Do Nomad blueprints reset? -- Four blueprints are in inventory. --Blazedspawn (talk) 00:03, 10 September 2019 (UTC) The improved Boost and Improved Shield Regeneration blueprints show up if you buy everything and install it before the new game+. When you land on Eos and get in the Nomad all of the blueprints automatically are added to the Nomad that you had before. --GS877 (talk) 20:10, 6 November 2020 (UTC)
  • Do paint jobs for the Nomad reset? No. You keep what you had plus you can get another copy from the special delivery cache on the tempest but they don't appear in inventory. --GS877 (talk) 20:10, 6 November 2020 (UTC)
  • Does Remnant VI stay unlocked or does it relock until you do Peebee's mission again? -- Locked. --Blazedspawn (talk) 00:03, 10 September 2019 (UTC)
If the original spent no points on the skill (requires respec, because there's one point when the skill is unlocked), then the skill is locked and shows as Unknown for the NG+.
If the original spent points on the skill, but it was not assigned in the active skill loadout in the base save, then the skill is locked and shows as Unknown for the NG+.
If the original spent points on the skill and it was assigned in the active skill loadout in the base save, then the skill is available and assigned to the same slot in the NG+ loadout—need to test what happens if the skill is assigned to the first slot—the one the starting skill goes in.
--Blazedspawn (talk) 22:11, 13 September 2019 (UTC) Yes, the skill is available but it removes the skill from the left slot. The middle slot becomes empty. This is likely do to the training assigning your starting power for the planetside mission. Need to verify this. -- GS877 (talk) 20:34, 15 October 2020 (UTC)
  • If you have a crafted weapon with an extra augmentation slot in place due to the cryo pod perk Innovation - do you lose that extra slot or is it locked in? -- weapon details show that all five augs are in place --Blazedspawn (talk) 00:03, 10 September 2019 (UTC)
  • Do items that were scanned reset? -- Habitat 7 plants show as orange (I believe the original character scanned them.) --Blazedspawn (talk) 00:03, 10 September 2019 (UTC)
  • Does missions where you have to scan items reset? Do you get the RD all over again like the first time you played? -- Reset--had to rescan the power pylons at Site 1. --Blazedspawn (talk) 22:11, 13 September 2019 (UTC)
  • Do you lose the Rd gain for the cryo pod perks that give you +10% until you buy them again? Yes.
  • Do skill point puzzles give you more free skill points? Is it just puzzles you didn't complete or do they all reset? Yes, they all reset. --GS877 (talk) 21:36, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
  • What happens if you have the explorer profile selected and you create a new game+? Does it default to your selected training / profile? It doesn't default to your training profile. New game+ with the explorer selected shows up as long as you have it selected and save the game. --GS877 (talk) 21:36, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
  • What armor are you given for a new game+ in the prologue? Is this level dependent or stuck at tier I? You are given a full set of four initiative armor pieces - level-dependent as well as a second Tier I helmet. The helmet always default equips to the Tier I version and the other three pieces will be the level dependent ones. If you already have a copy of tier I, it uses that one. If you don't have a tier I, it give you another one. Likely because they need the armor to look a certain way for the cutscene on Planetside. If you have a crafted helmet, it still will give you a tier I and a level-dependent version. --GS877 (talk) 21:36, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
  • What weapon are you give for a new game+ in the prologue? Is this level dependent or stuck at tier I? You are given a level-dependent M-3 pistol. Even if you have the exact same version in inventory, it will give you another one. --GS877 (talk) 21:36, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
  • If you are at exactly 100 items when you new game+, do you get the armor and gun from the Hyperion? Or are you stuck and not allowed to get them? Does it make you lose items or does it go overlimit? You are given the extra items automatically and they will violate the item limit. Same for the weapon given to you by looking at the corpse on Planetside (as long as you don't have one in inventory, then it just equips that one - and it must be the normal version and not crafted to be equipped automatically). Same thing happens when you access the special delivery cache on the tempest. Other places where you use the Item Pickup prompt - like the free weapon next to cora on Planetside will not allow you to pick up the weapon as this is an inventory prompt and not automatically added. --GS877 (talk) 21:36, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
  • What weapon are you given at the shuttle weapon cache next to Cora on Habitat 7 during a new game+? Does the weapon change from your profile / training choice? Is the weapon given level dependent or stuck at tier I? The weapon is the same as your training pick. It is level-dependent. It doesn't change based on the profile selected. Security with explorer profile still showed the Charger. Need to test a different profile from the save game because explorer has no weapon associated with it. --GS877 (talk) 21:36, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
  • The skills setup when you land on Planetside. Is it tied to your training / profile - will it override your save game choices? Yes it changes the skills to have you active power in the left spot but leaves the other two slots alone. Likely does this because there is a onscreen help menu at Cora's shuttle and it tells you about your skill. It will remove Remnant VI from the left slot and instead replace it will concussive shot for your skills. The middle slot will be empty until you assign another skill. Need to confirm if this is tied to your profile or your training. Tested with explorer and security and it gave concussive shot. Need to see if there is a change to another skill because explorer has no skills tied to it not a default training / profile choice. --GS877 (talk) 21:36, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
  • What weapon is given to your twin during the final mission when Ryder is taken off line? Is this weapon level dependent or tier I? The Weapon is a Tier I M-5 Phalanx pistol and a Tier I Omni-Blade. Not level-dependent. --GS877 (talk) 21:36, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
  • Statistics page resets.--GS877 (talk) 21:36, 21 October 2020 (UTC)

Items To Fix[]

  • Check Overgrown mutated creatures to see if they are counting towards Aid APEX. These creatures were scanned for the mission and show as orange but they seem to not give RD. Likely were already scanned on Eos and Voeld so no RD is being awarded. Verify this with another playthrough without them previously being scanned. RD is only given for Aid Apex. Previous scans remove RD. They will still turn orange but give no RD.
  • Check these or different versions:
    • Thank you... - Is there a romantic version of this email with Peebee? No.
    • Don't let it go to your head - Is there a romantic version of this email with Peebee? No.
    • Remnant Brain! - Is there a romantic version of this email with Peebee? No.
    • Update on Kadara - Is there a romantic version with Reyes Vidal or just this regular one?
    • Oh, Ryder... - Is there a romantic vs. non-romantic version of this with Reyes? (Use You surprise me for the example of the shoot at him example).
    • For what it's worth... - Check for the Scott version of this email. Current one is for Sara as a female.
    • Good work - Loyalty Mission incomplete, romance vs. no romance
      • Loyalty mission incomplete and no romance is third email.
      • Loyalty mission complete and no romance is first email.
    • Just checking in (Tempest) - Cora not on Verakan, before vs. after loyalty mission page updated - new version found
    • Reminder - Emotional and Professional listed, Check Casual and Logical to see if there are different versions.
    • Spirituality - Looks like disagree romance might be missing. - No romantic disagree
    • Captured Notes - Check to see if there is an untranslated version early in the game. Current version is late in the game. No change.
  • The ON HOLD for the firefighters. Is this tied to discovering Kadara? Need triggering time for this mission as well. First Kadara landing.
  • Audio Log confronting Spender where Aroane confesses if he is alive. Check to see if there is a different audio log if Drack drops Aroane. No log if he dies.
  • What are the triggers for Drack missions? After a future for our people, are they mission locked? Like Hunting the Archon and The Journey to Meridian? Confirm if there is a double restriction before they appear.
  • What triggers Liam Kosta: Something for the neighbors? Is this tied to liam's mission All in? Is there something between this and Jaal's Friend or foe mission? Friend or foe part 1 is on hold, then ran liam's mission and this showed up. Is it possible to do Liam's mission first then Jaal's? Is it possible to lose this mission?
  • Need to check if Liam Kosta: something for the neighbors gives the XP or if Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe part 2 is giving the XP. Attempt to finish Jaal's mission without triggering Liam's mission to see if the rewards are for one or the other.
  • Replace with a 480 x 480 image - only 300 currently. [ [:File:Angaran Mural - image.png]]
  • AICT image and scan for this RD section in Liam Kosta: All In [ [:File:AICT in sideways cargo bay.png]]
  • Check this map for both upper and lower ARCD locations and update if needed. [ [:File:HAV - Buried Cave - ARCD.png]]
  • Update these icons -
  • Fix the Platinum paint job for cost - all places - see prior edit where price was added.
  • Create a named enemies navbox for all named versions of regular enemies.
  • Use video of profile screen to remove out dots and get new profile black background images. Time to remove grey and white dots. not needed after review
  • Add shield regeneration and shield regeneration delay sections to Combat#Shields. Find all places that say "shields" and point to Combat#Shields. Check for shield lower s and uppercase S. Check for shields and shield. Shields redirect already created. Confirm if current icons and text under shields are for shields or regen or delay.
  • Match health section to the shields section. Add health regeneration and heath regeneration delay section to Combat#Health. Find all places that say "health" and point to Combat#Health. Check for health lower h and uppercase H. Needs Health redirect to be created. Confirm if current icons and text under health are for health or regen or delay or cap.
  • Check Bioelectric Focus and Defense Drone to see if they award points for doing damage to enemies for Daily Tech Challenge. Pages updated
  • Glyph pages, infobox, navbox, and complete list of where each glyph is used on the page. Change glyph table to have the images on the left and hyperlink out to them in the table.
  • Does having an ammo booster in MP apply to both weapons (if two are equipped) or only one weapon? Both. Note added.
  • Fix exp enhancer II and III links on Booster page in the acquisition section.
  • Character respec card page add active power icon. Check to see if other places use the word active or passive for that symbol.
  • Add spot about resetting level in MP section on character selection page and it not changing the rank of the character.
  • What does reset level give the player? Is this challenge points?
  • Fix /check this page - may remove stub or redirect to correct codex section - First Contact War
  • Do elemental augmentations prime enemies - like cryo condenser, heat inducer, etc? No. All pages updated.
  • Fix / check the reegar carbine to see if it electrically primes enemies.
  • Images of the four outpost flags from the Vortex Bar - for the Outpost page (maybe the vortex bar page)
  • Fix maariko to full name. Verify with admin on name. Redirect and fix links.
  • List of all single name characters - do they actually have full names we can use?
  • Create fast travel section on Map page - use picture of fast travel confirmation - get map pics of fast travel, red denial one as well.
  • Purchase price for augmentations in the infobox? You can only buy ones you can't research right? This is all general augs and augs you get automatically with level ups. Check with BlazedSpawn on this.
  • Create redirects for Jump-jet, jumpjet, jump jet, omnitool, omni tool, etc.
  • Add notes about Turbocharge and free thermal clip. Equipped weapon only. If you change over while it is activated, it doesn't give you more. It gives you a large boost and then drops back to a default clip when Turbocharge wears off. Work in MP as well.
  • Find all places that have heat sink / sink / thermal clip / clip / ammunition / ammo / magazine / capacity and link to weapon#ammunition. Make sure to check for lower case and upper case with insource search.
  • Redirects for ammunition, heat sink, thermal clip, ammo, magazine, clip, sink, etc.
  • Is the XP reward for destroying the Barracks in Kett's Bane 302 XP or is it an encounter XP? 302 is an odd number. Could this be 270 with armor increasing up to 302? Or is this a level based encounter XP.
  • Forward Station - planet count table
  • Potential AVP tables on the AVP page for all AVP from missions
  • Add all skills, weapons, mods, etc that increase combat, biotic, tech skills to the main 3 pages (like combat/weapon weight). Add links to all of the pages that reference it.
  • Add encounter XP link to xp page for all places.
  • Pics of the 4 muster locations for Doesn't add up? Verify if the muster points scan or need an interaction prompt. These are scanned. Pics don't show anything useful.
  • Pyjak crate pic in the tempest cargo hold - does it show up when you pick up the pyjack on the nexus? or is it always there?
  • Pictures of each memory trigger for the Ryder Family Secrets table.
  • Navboxes for allies and relationship missions for each character - like all four of Cora's missions?
  • During A Trail of Hope - what is the actual XP for Rescuing the Mosahe - it is listed as 2500+ right now. Confirm actual amount using different armors and levels. +2300 is the amount.
  • Check all places for "level up", levels up, level, levels, etc and add a link to the appropriate XP#Levels subsection - make sure to link to the correct version SP or MP.
  • Make rectangular pics for the Creature page to display in gallery style. Use existing pics just squared so that they will all display the same. Gallery style like other enemies pic sections.
    • Potentially add an even more cropped version to the Task: Comparatively Alien table as a new column
  • Heleus Helemet blueprint note - confirm with admin wording
  • Heleus Helmet blueprint note - you won't get the blueprint as a reward for the final mission if you already have it at level X.
  • Pics of the Kett Handler for the infobox
  • Mission Codex style pics
    • All pics uploaded and checked against duplicates
    • Find the best way to display these cards on the mission page - see sandbox.
  • Add ND1 Nomad blueprint issue to research, merchants, ND1 nomad, crafting, (check for other applicable areas) - if you buy the print - it's still in the research menu until you actually enter the Nomad and the upgrade is installed. This means you can still research the blueprint wasting RD. Always make sure to install the upgrades by entering the Nomad before attempting to purchase them.
  • When does the escape pod show up on Reyer? After you find the asari ark? After you complete the asari ark mission? During Cora Harper: Asari Ark after completing objective Find the Periphona.
  • Check all blueprints for special items to see if any of them actually have the compass symbol in the top corner for the blueprints. See if a picture is available, and if so, add to the blueprints page as the black icon. Fix the text to say 5 types. If no print is available - say that there are 5 types with four rarities and one which is just the special item icon.
Name Merchant All Items Menu Icon Merchant Special Items Menu Icon Ready To Develop Icon Development Special Items Menu Icon Development Successful Icon Inventory Research Menu Icon Inventory Resources Menu Icon Mission
Cybernetic Device Crafted Special Item - Merchant - All Items Menu - Curved Arrows Icon.png Crafted Special Item - Merchant - All Items Menu - Curved Arrows Icon.png Special Item Object Icon.png Special Item Object Icon.png Crafted Special Item - Development Successful - Triangle Icon.png N/A Special Item Object Icon.png The Firefighters
Humane Trap Crafted Special Item Object Icon.png Crafted Special Item Object Icon.png Special Item Object Icon.png Special Item Object Icon.png Crafted Special Item Object Icon.png Special Item Object Icon.png N/A The Visitor
Liam's Armor Requisition Crafted Special Item Armor Icon.png Crafted Special Item Armor Icon.png Special Item Armor Icon.png Special Item Armor Icon.png Crafted Special Item Armor Icon.png N/A Special Item Armor Icon.png Liam Kosta: Armor Diplomacy
Lover's Leap Jump-Jet Mod Crafted Special Item - Merchant - All Items Menu - Curved Arrows Icon.png Crafted Special Item - Merchant - All Items Menu - Curved Arrows Icon.png Special Item Object Icon.png N/A Crafted Special Item - Development Successful - Triangle Icon.png N/A Special Item Object Icon.png Liam Kosta: Something for Us
  • Add links to things for glossary of terms. remove stuff like citadel per admin conversation.
  • Check and update all packs - ammo priming pack is showing wrong. Needs to say you get all three. Confirm all cards for stuff like this. Fixed
  • Create headshot/weakpoint section - using images of white and gold arrows. Link to all places. Use Combat page.
  • Create grenade section in combat - create icons for white / red and link to this place all grenades. Different types of enemy grenades including the Breacher.
  • Cooldown timer info on all notes sections for consumables
  • Add list of all merchants that sell mods to mods section. Use merchant page sort.
  • Merchant navbox
  • Update all merchants to list what they sell on their page - maybe a bulletpoint format.
  • Confirm if XP is given for Scourge formations from scanning? (also alien cheese wheel). Text on all other anomalies is "+270 XP on scan" but these ones are missing "on scan".
    • Check all anomalies to see if they say "on scan" (if applicable).
  • check link to exaltation page - linking to achievement and trophy page instead of Kett: Exaltation. Add disambig to pages to show to each other.
  • Links in infoboxes on achievement and trophy pages.
  • On all enemy pages for "origin" - add links in the infobox for items like Andromeda
    • Check scan for raider and sharpshooter - for angaran, roekaar, and normal
  • Planet infobox available minerals - icons for that section on all applicable pages.
  • Check infoboxes - consumables says "Cost" but Special Item says "Base Cost". Check all infoboxes that use money to see which it should be - including MP infoboxes like Packs.
  • Booster Icons and Equipment Icons
  • Redirect Links to Technician, leader, etc on training page.
  • Inventory Page screen shots - 1920 versions needed.
    • [ [:File:Research Tab - Special Items List - Humane Trap.png]] - Needs replacement
  • [ [:File:STC - Pathfinder Rewards Limit Reached.png]] - Replace with 1920x1080 image.
  • [ [:File:STC - Missions page.png]] - Replace with 1920x1080
  • Tram terminal updated
    • Does the terminal always say nexus? No. This is hyperion before you connect to the nexus. This is also Hyperion when you take the tram with Kandros. Then it changes to nexus once you can access the tram again.
    • Does the tram terminal ever change when you get the other arks? pic wise? No.
    • Does the tram terminal change pic wise after you lose the hyperion? No.
    • Does the tram terminal have a different pic when you are going to the bridge during prologue? Yes - this is the hyperion screen.
  • Item Pickup page.
    • Can you change mods on the Item Pickup page? Or on the equip Weapon Page? No.
    • Can you change the melee weapon using the item pickup? Yes. But it's a one shot deal. Is there a different equip weapon page for that? No.
    • What does the equip weapon item screen look like with an empty slot? pics needed
  • Can you get different weapons from the pickup spot on Habitat 7 with Cora? Only found the Charger so far but I've always picked up the pistol and the m-8 from Kirkland's body. If you ignore the M-8, can you get a viper or katana instead? Is this maybe linked to the profile/training you pick at the start of the game? I've only ever been the Soldier.
    • If you skip the M-8 on Kirkland - it appears in the Shuttle Optional objective.
    • Biotic Training - Adept Profile - Charger as well.
    • Technician Training - Engineer Profile - Viper.
    • Leader Training - Sentinel Profile - M-23 Katana.
    • Scrapper Training - Vanguard Profile - M-23 Katana.
    • Operative Training - Infiltrator Profile - Viper.
  • add info about tutorial mission counting for bronze, kett, and zero waves to all applicable tables.
  • Consumables - fix top section to a standard version that lists all of the ways you can get consumables - not just from a merchant. You can purchase them, find them, get them as rewards, open containers, cryo pod perks, etc.
  • Add icons to aug drops table
  • Initiative Arms IX - is this the wrong icon for the item like the blueprint has? no.
  • Check Initiative Armor Teir I to see if they are showing 0% or just missing. If missing - change page and table to long dash.
  • Fusion mod icons and updates to items - add icons links etc to combat page / weapon weight / skills / etc.
  • Add section to either weapons page or to maybe the combat page for all skills mods, etc that increase/decrease thermal climps/ammo. Maybe weapons is better to match how power cells is listed on the skills page as it's own section. There aren't actual thermal clips that drop on the ground so you can't get a pic of them like previous ME games and the only other place it shows up for thermal clips is the glossary page. Maye a section higher up on the weapons page explaining the difference between increasing a clip size and increasing reserve ammunition. Like how weapon firing modes is done. "For weapons that use thermal clips, there are multiple ways to increase how many shots can be fired before reloading. This is different than skills that increase the amount of reserve ammunition.." or something like that.
  • Combat section on ammo - when does the clip turn red, when does it say low ammo in orange, etc?
    • Need a cropped pic for the combat section showing the "weapon".
    • Circle pics of each ammo consumable for a small right side gallery.
    • Need a cropped weapon pic showing the clip ammo in red and another pic with the reserve ammo in red.
  • Add a section to the power combo page that lists all of the skills, armor, etc that increases/modifies power combos. Like weapon weight or combat style.
  • casual outfits nav
  • add icons to all weapons and armor infoboxes
  • add links to tempest scanning anomalies
  • add pics to weapon pages for augs and fix tables to inline instead of vertical
  • research data tables pics
  • Constructs page for icons
  • Add note about single shot weapons actually being semi-automatic despite what the text says but only if you can increase your ammo size enough. Isharay and Widow both do this.
  • Add square icons to the consumables infobox - match other infoboxes
  • Create Loot box nav.
  • Add electrical conduits generic pointing note to each weapon page that autofires when you use this aug. Point to the notes section on the electrical conduits page. Yada Yada - See detailed notes section or something like that
  • Create Template:Loot Box infobox - change from generic Template:item infobox - these will be the last ones using the generic template - all others will have been switched to tailored templates. Make sure to use the square icon on the template.
  • Add icons to material loot box page.
  • move mods to equipment cat - update equipment nav bar ro have a mods line but then only have ARs, Pistols, Shotguns, and SRs on the line. This will make the equipment bar match the cat.
  • Task Unearthed - RD pics/ scans style
  • Check category for uncategorized missions to make sure submissions, non-journal, misc, and broken are all in that location.
  • Truth and trespass - what is this objective listing? Speak to Raeka or Hayjer about your findings - is this an "or" or should it be a slash?
  • What is the sub-mission for the section to remove Calot's shield for Liam's loyalty mission? Is this a sub-mission that needs a page? no mission - just a hack circle.
  • add / update sub-mission - primus: enemy of my enemy - this in in Meridian the way home. match a sub mission section like A Better Beginning. This ties in with Dissention in the Ranks and The Primus Offer.
    • If Ryder took the deal with Primus during Dissension in the Ranks, it will be possible to disable Primus' ship, removing a wave of reinforcements. Accessing the kett console will give Ryder the option of uploading the code or deciding to take their chances without it.
  • Add section to Augmentations - like aug issues (like development / research issues) so that it lists the things such as wasted automatic fire system on an automatic weapon.
  • Get new higher resolution conversation icons - both the large ones and the small tone ones.
  • Fix the dialogue page to match the tutorial page naming.
  • Fix impulse and any links to impulse action section to "Narrative Actions". Fix pic names for that section as well. Check for redirects as well.
  • Fix image names to match.
  • Add all MP skills to the Combat Section of the HUD for health and shields.
  • Add all MP skills to the Weapon weight section
  • Pics for weapon weight strategy and deconstruct strategy pages
  • Add Rank X information for weapon weight strategy.
  • Crafting, Research, & Development - fix all links
  • Barricade white flash pic
  • Confirm deconstruction of all items
  • Update Remnant Core drop spots and develop wording for that.
  • Remnant Cores only drops with Heleus Armor X. All other 19 pieces don't drop. Document Element zero difference for some of the Heleus Helmets.
  • Confirm which weapons can use which augs / mods
  • Update all main weapon pages to have the correct links for this note - "The singleplayer stats shown on this page are baseline: Initiative I armor, no skill points assigned, no profile active."
  • Update mission pages with the top text to link to the correct mission section like Additional tasks instead of just mission. Also update mission infobox to make the mission type an autolink. Will require using the Mission{{!}}(section name) style of formatting.
  • Look into adding the pics of each anomaly to the Tempest Scanning Rewards article table. See if it makes sense or if the table just gets way to big.
  • Add Mod Restrictions section on Mod page.
    • Update Firearms infobox to use a link to that section.
    • List all weapons and the mods they can't use in that section.
    • Confirm that each weapon specific mod page and the section in question also have this information there.
  • Confirm which (if any) weapons can/can't use the choke mod.
  • Confirm MP only weapons and mods to see if there are any mod restrictions.
  • Create settings page navbox
  • Confirm if chokes change the displayed accuracy stat in MP or not for the Mods page - Mod#Mod Types subheader - all of the other mods say if they display or not.
  • Verify all resource pages with development page / development issues section to make sure all match.
  • Change supply cache pic to higher resolution
  • Fix weapon pages for baseline copying mistake - they all say Shotgun#Notes.
  • pics of reticles - try to get on black background - maybe one showing what happens when the reticle gets smaller. Try to undoing the skills for biggest version. See which ones are different with a scope, and/or zoomed. The default non-zoom reticle. Shoot from the hip version. Is it all shotguns the same? (and the other weapons?) Will adding a scope to a weapon change this?
  • Fix Template:Special Items infobox - to Template:Mission items infobox - there is already a Template:Special item (no s) infobox for special items. Mission item infobox is for items related to missions - there is a category:mission items for things like crumbs and area-denial mine. Update infobox and then add all of these items. Right now there is only one page using this template for Task: Unearthed for the Remnant Devices.
  • Check to see if there are any mission items that should be in the mission items category and then potentially add them to the category / infobox
  • Search for "interrupt" see if all places have the link to "Narrative Actions".
  • shield boost to construct - add to construct page and shield boost use page
  • Remnant decryption puzzle solutions text on each page that lists - there is no link or text pointing you to the page with the other solutions - just a pic of the current puzzle. Update when new standardized pics available.
  • What is the completed mission text for The Charlatan's charlatan if High Noon has already been completed? We have it mentioned in the notes but don't have a or at the top of the page under description. The page for High Noon notes section should be updated with the findings as it lists the four missions that are impacted by High Noon. Added to mission page. Checked all four missions for what could happen.
  • Does The Collective Base show up in the completed mission section if you complete High Noon first? Or is it just gone? Gone - doesn't show up.
  • pic of the journal lock new item icon for the mission notes section
  • pic of the codex lock new item icon for the codex notes section
    • Need to confirm which mission locks the Scourge page - Is this The Journey to Meridian or Meridian: The Way Home. Fix wording on Scourge page and Codex page. Currently using Journey as a placeholder.
  • Fix the rewards section for The Little things that matter - break out which one gets which viability. Not clear now.
  • Add a list of the people you can recruit to this section on Meet The Resistance - If Jaal is present when Ryder speaks to Anjik Do Xeel about the Resistance, he will offer to find recruits. If Ryder agrees, a dialogue option will be added to some encounters.
    • Kalja
    • Sjaan
    • Orev
    • Rjoek - need to confirm he goes to the ARB. He can be recruited but never appears in the base.
  • Delete generic item infoxbox and doc once it is empty - confirm with Alianan this is ok to remove.
  • Do a full search for <sup></sup> and potentially change to clickable superscripts like in use on the store page.
  • Potential redirects to aiming reticle section - reticle, aiming reticle, accuracy? All created
  • Search and add link to Combat#Accuracy for all places that say "accuracy".
  • Need to add the name of the Anomaly 3 in the Govorkam system if Captain Dunn dies on the Tempest Scanning Rewards Page. Updated.
  • Add choke pictures for the Choke Mod section of all weapons that can use them.
  • Add mod pictures for all 4 MP only weapons to each of the 20 mods image galleries.
  • Update fix The Scourge page / Codex / other locations to inform about the known bug where the ! gets locked to the screen at a certain point.
  • Lock symbol for icons
    • Add lock to this section [ [Character_Customization_(multiplayer)#Loadout]]
  • Life support low and depleted lower left corner pics like the one on the page already.
  • Split up the overview section of Hazard into Overview, Mechanics, Life Support, etc. This will break up this long section and give a place to link life support to. Will also give a place to put the three pics of the life support - normal, low, depleted.
  • Confirm squadmate loyalty locked skills page - see if the skills show a lock at rank 6. Maybe a lock symbol. Normal locks. nothing special.
  • Add an image of the tutorial menu showing the locked settings to the mechanics section of this page Tutorial mission#Mechanics. perhaps a MapIcons locked symbol for the text.

Missions Needing Rewards Section[]

Check all missions to see if there is a rewards section and if no rewards, is there a line about no rewards in the notes section?

The following missions need a rewards section or notes:

RD Pics Needed[]


How are ya doing? How can I help here? since i got the game on PC. MechQueste (talk) 20:24, 18 February 2020 (UTC)

Hey Mech,
BlazedSpawn is the other Admin here. She and I have been working on polishing up some items. Her Discussion page has a number of items we are working on currently and mine has things I'm working on. A lot of it is very detailed in depth stuff because we have played the game so often. We each specialize in some stuff and check each others work.
We can always use a new set of eyes playing the game and reading the article pages and seeing if "stuff makes sense". If you have questions or if something isn't clear in a section. If you want information but it's not easy to find. Those are things that we try hard to add or change the site so it makes it better for a new player.
Once you've had a chance to go through the game and gotten a sense of it - then it will make more sense some of the detailed items we are working on. A good amount of it is trying to find missing datapads/entries that supposedly exist according to the library of codexes site (
User talk:Blazedspawn#Library of Codexes lists the ones we are still looking for. Some notes on what we think but don't know for sure.
Have fun playing the game and feel free to ask questions. But be warned - you can get sucked into this game and the multiplayer side as well. Give up years of your life. :) -21:24, 18 February 2020 (UTC)
[Insert hysterical laughter] I mean, yes, Mech, please do feel free to ask questions or contribute information. If you can do screenshots of locations, that's great, too. Screenshots without the ui are best for location pages. There's a list for those, as well. User_talk:Blazedspawn#Map_and_Landscape_Images_Needed. --Blazedspawn (talk) 20:34, 27 March 2020 (UTC)

Re: Citation / proof on a reverted article[]

Hey there, thanks for all the work you've done around here.

As a response to your comment on reverting Andromeda Viability Points max perk count -- total mistake on my behalf, thanks for that. While technically you can get above 24 Nexus levels, you're still limited to only 24 cryo pod perks, my error in not triple checking the availability of an actual spendable point after getting to level 25 (and possibly higher according to the patch notes I was talking about, but again that refers to LEVELS, not usable pod points, which was what my error was). --Timegrinder (talk) 06:45, 13 July 2020 (UTC)

Can you show me the patch notes you are talking about Timegrinder? I'm not familiar with it being possible to get more than 24 cryo points or level 25. I knew there were problems with earlier versions of the game and getting too many points or points not working right but I hadn't seen this since then. Just was curious because I hadn't seen that since early versions of the game.
It is actually possible to get another cryo pod point - but it's a bug. You need 240ish points to get to level 26 (if you get everything in the game) and if you go back to the Flophouse on Elaaden and click on the final console that ends the mission again, it gives you another 300 AVP points in error. This is enough to give you another cryo pod point but I never saved it. Wasn't worth introducing a bug into my saved games. I was doing a deep exploration for any missed items after I completed the game and clicking on the console gave me more points. I don't save those games because you never know what glitches like that do.
I talked to the other admin and we decided we wouldn't add that to the page as it's not something you want to point out. It's unclear what adding this glitch AVP does to your game and you don't want someone to add a glitch into their game. The game already has enough glitches. :) -GS877 (talk) 15:20, 13 July 2020 (UTC)

Customization Policy Violation[]

Hello there GS877, I have noticed your Wikis CSS is leaking into the Global Navigation on the left, it is colouring the search icon blue which is in violation of the Customization Policy under Global Navigation:

"We consider this a core element of the site due to both its value to cross-wiki discovery and as the entry point to the user’s personalized experience. As such, the left hand global navigation bar may not be altered, repositioned, obscured, or otherwise affected in any way." - Fandom Customization Policy

I wanted to alert you to this, have a nice day.Aeywoo (talk) 14:28, 15 March 2022 (UTC)

This isn't something that was designed by the wiki. Wiki staff created the design and they wouldn't have violated policy. Thanks, GS877 (talk) 01:43, 16 March 2022 (UTC)
As I said, "your" Wiki CSS is leaking into the Global Navigation Bar, this is in violation of the customisation policy, it doesn't matter if they "wouldn't have" violated the policy, what matters is someone has violated the policy, and either you or another Wiki Staff member needs to remedy this issue.Aeywoo (talk) 11:05, 16 March 2022 (UTC)
It looks like Kirkburn made the fix. In the future, please try to ask for help or point something out in a civil manner with examples and pictures. Please don't issue demands. It sends the wrong message to someone else and they likely won't respond in a positive manner. I don't know what was wrong, I don't know how to fix this, and I didn't design these features. The person who did was Fandom staff and was excellent with coding. Be that so, Fandom has been making changes to the platform continuously and maybe something stopped working. Trying to work through the problem as a team is much better than just saying "it's busted and you better fix it because it global CSS". It's not adult material, it's not a gross violation of CSS, it looks like it was a minor fix as something was not narrow enough and was using CSS on some things it wasn't supposed to. The wiki still worked, it wasn't breaking TOS, it was something that required a skilled person to make a minor correction to.
Thank you for bringing the issue up. It looks like it is now fixed and the matter is taken care of. If you have other questions or concerns about MEA, I'd be glad to help you out on those but CSS and Fandom wiki design are not my strong suit and so I wouldn't be able to help. -GS877 (talk) 23:24, 16 March 2022 (UTC)