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User:Tagaziel/stuff2 - Fixed redlinks[]

Hey Tagaziel,

I happened across 5 redlinks on User:Tagaziel/stuff2.It looks like you meant to put M-90 Indra but it was M-80 Indra. Doesn't look like this page was edited after March 2017 and was a place for you to put a list of all weapons.

This was in your sandbox and your intent looked clear. I fixed it so that there wasn't "Wanted Page" for M-80 Indra I, II, etc. If I wasn't sure or if it was in any place other than a sandbox, I would have sent you a message ahead of time asking if you were ok with it.

I figured you would be ok with a small correction. :) --GS877 (talk) 21:32, 20 August 2018 (UTC)