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Orbital distance 14.8 AU
Orbital period 57.1 years
Radius 8740 km
Atmospheric pressure 1.42 atmospheres
Surface temperature -40C
Available minerals Platinum Icon.png Platinum
Element Zero Icon.png Element Zero
Copper Icon.png Copper
Beryllium Icon.png Beryllium
Voeld is a world going through an ice age. Once packed with dozens of major urban centers, most of Voeld's angaran population now lives in scattered settlements. The remains of vast ancient cities are still entombed in ice.

Voeld, also known as Habitat 6, is a planet in the Nol star system.



The following missions take place or are acquired on Voeld:

Priority Ops
Allies and Relationships
Heleus Assignments
Additional Tasks

Research Opportunities[]

Research Data (RD) opportunities on Voeld are found on specific mission and location pages. Some items are cleverly hidden and not associated with missions or high traffic areas. These are known as orphan RD items. For a complete list of all orphan research data items, see Research Data Orphans.



Terminal entries[]

Forward station terminal entries[]

Architect Husk: Voeld[]

Nol - Voeld - Architect Husk Voeld.png

An anomaly is detected on this planet after Missing Science Crew. Scanning reveals an Architect Husk: Voeld.


  • Classification: Enemy (decommissioned)
  • Origin: Andromeda (Voeld)


This Remnant Architect's programming directives have been interrupted. It is in an orbital standby mode and remains tethered to its home planet Voeld. From this clearer vantage point, obvious, subtle damage from repeated freeze-thaw cycles in a saturated environment. Many systems seem to be pinging for maintenance.



Codex Card Voeld.png

From the Milky Way, the Initiative identified Voeld as Habitat 6, a "golden world" projected to be a life-sustaining and temperate garden world. This is confirmed by angaran historians: Voeld was once a heavily populated and thriving angaran colony.

During the Scourge event, gravitational distortions affected Voeld's orbit. Models from the Nexus tech labs show how this triggered a minor ice age. The angara were forced to withdraw to a few urban centers, with the rest of Voeld's population scattered in smaller settlements.

Voeld is therefore both culturally and strategically important to the angara, and has drawn the attention of the kett. Reports suggest a significant military presence on both sides, as the Angaran Resistance fight to defend Voeld's population and protect the ice-encased remains of their world.

The Initiative's new outpost, Taerve Uni, has been safely established. Led by new mayor Priya Blake, Taerve Uni is committed to open borders with the angara as Voeld becomes more habitable. The outpost is now a major supplier of water ice to other colonies and the Nexus.

Analyzing Suvi's orbital readings, it appears that the Voeld vault, unable to gravitationally compensate for Voeld's change in orbit, has triggered a controlled melt of frozen carbon dioxide in the permafrost. Projections show this will thicken the atmosphere, gradually raising Voeld's temperature to ease the ice age. This reveals that Remnant vaults are capable of sophisticated analysis and response to planetary conditions.

Environmental Information[]

Voeld is an ice world with freezing levels of cold prior to activation of the planet's vault. All areas not heated or indoors will cause Cold Hazard Icon.png COLD ENVIRONMENT damage and pose an environmental hazard to personnel and vehicles.

  • Hazard Level 1 - TEMPERATURE -41.87°C
  • Hazard Level 2 - TEMPERATURE -52.25°C

Unlike other planets, Voeld was supposed to have a partial reduction in Hazard Level and not a complete removal of the Hazard Level like other planets. It was supposed to change hazard levels up one tier - level 2's would become level 1's - but after Patch 1.05 something was broken with the hazard mechanics on Voeld. The hazard levels on Voeld don't change after activating the vault.

It's not entirely clear why but sometimes the hazard level gets stuck on level 2 or level 1 or none at all. Save often on Voeld! If you encounter an issue like this, you can load a previous save and potentially make it go away.


1 Meet the Resistance is a Priority Ops mission if Ryder completes this mission before Helping Havarl's Scientists.
2 A Trail of Hope requires Ryder to make a choice to go to Havarl or to Voeld. Based on this choice, On the Frontlines only exists if Ryder completes Voeld before Havarl.
3 Stage a Rescue is a Priority Ops mission if it was started by On the Frontlines.
4 A Trail of Hope requires Ryder to make a choice to go to Havarl or to Voeld. Based on this choice, Eyes on the Ground only exists if Ryder completes Havarl before Voeld.
5 Meet the Resistance changes from a Priority Ops mission to a Heleus Assignments mission if Ryder completes this mission after Helping Havarl's Scientists.
6 Stage a Rescue changes from a Priority Ops mission to a Heleus Assignments mission if it was started by Eyes on the Ground.