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Earning XP in Multiplayer

Disambig.png This article is about XP in multiplayer. For XP in singleplayer, see XP.

XP is a measure of an APEX Strike team member's combat skills and experience in multiplayer gameplay.


XP in multiplayer functions with a number of differences to XP in singleplayer mode. Instead of XP being granted at the end of combat after a mob of enemies is killed, XP in multiplayer is awarded in real time.


Post Mission Results

  • XP is awarded not only for killing enemies, but for other mission-related actions like deactivating devices, using skills to heal other squadmates, reviving dying squadmates, and so on.
  • Each action that is completed has the potential to award XP. There will be text in the middle of the screen describing the action completed and the amount of XP earned. +40 Support or +100 Kill are examples.
  • If a number of actions are completed very quickly, the most current award is shown first and then it will fade and the next award is displayed and so on until all awards are displayed.
  • Actions award the same amount of XP. Killing a bronze level Chosen with a weapon will always award +100 Kill. Combining actions such as using a skill and then a weapon to kill an enemy may increase the number slightly but will be in the same range.
  • The more difficult the enemy, the higher the XP value awarded for eliminating the enemy.
  • Unless the gameplay is a solo match with only one player, the amount of displayed XP awarded can change for an action. If one player starts damaging an enemy but another one finishes off the enemy, the amount of XP will be split between the players. This is done automatically. The system keeps track and gives a ratio of XP depending upon how much of the "action" each player performed. There are no kill steals in multiplayer.
  • Once a match is completed, each player is awarded a combined total XP for the match. This is based on all of the actions and XP awards. If Player A only earned 5,000 XP for the match but the entire team together earned 50,000 XP, Player A will be awarded 50,000 XP.
  • Mission XP is adjusted for difficulty. The base XP earned for Bronze matches is the sum of the players' XP as shown in the results. The amount for Silver matches is an additional 25%; for Gold matches, an additional 50%, for Platinum matches, an additional 100%.
  • Some Mission Modifiers include a bonus to XP. This bonus is applied to the sum of the players' scores.
  • Applying an Experience Enhancer Progression Booster before the match will increase the amount of XP gained from the match. There are four different levels that award 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. Only one may be applied at a time.
  • XP that is awarded will count towards the specific challenges it was awarded for. Killing an enemy with an M-3 Predator will increase the amount of points earned for that minor challenge by the amount shown on screen. Only points that the actual player earns are awarded towards the challenges. Current challenge status for all of the challenges can be found under the Prestige menu and is located on the Challenges sub-menu.
    • On some very rare occasions, a very small amount of XP is awarded towards a challenge the player didn't earn. 5 XP points showing up for a weapon challenge with a weapon the player doesn't have is an example. The system awards these points on accident likely due to a large amount of action taking place on the screen. Another player is using that weapon and the system mistakenly gives a tiny amount to the wrong player. This can't be relied upon in any fashion.
  • XP that is earned towards a bonus stat is based on what the what the entire team earns. If Player B only earned 10,000 XP for the match but the entire team together earned 100,000 XP, Player B will be awarded 100,000 XP towards the appropriate bonus stat.


Performing enough of the same action in the same match that awards XP will award a "medal". Assault Rifle Kills or a Silver Extraction are examples.

  • Medals come in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels.
  • Bronze medals are always worth +250 XP, Silver are worth +500 XP, Gold medals are worth +1000 XP, and Platinum medals are worth +2000 XP.
  • The higher the medal level, the more it is worth for challenges that require specific medals. Bronze medals are worth 1 medal, Silver are worth 2 medals, Gold are worth 3 medals, and Platinum are worth 4 medals.
  • These medals also count towards the Waves Completed minor challenge for the Apex Mastery - Bronze, Silver, and Gold major challenges.

Name Bronze Medal Silver Medal Gold Medal Platinum Medal
Assault Rifle Kills Assault Rifle Kills Bronze Medal.png Assault Rifle Kills Silver Medal.png Assault Rifle Kills Gold Medal.png
Assist Score Assist Score Bronze Medal.png Assist Score Silver Medal.png Assist Score Gold Medal.png
Biotic Power Kills Biotic Power Kills Bronze Medal.png Biotic Power Kills Silver Medal.png Biotic Power Kills Gold Medal.png
Combat Power Kills Combat Power Kills Bronze Medal.png Combat Power Kills Silver Medal.png Combat Power Kills Gold Medal.png
Extraction Bronze Extraction Medal.png Silver Extraction Medal.png Gold Extraction Medal.png Platinum Extraction Medal.png
Kills Kills Bronze Medal.png Kills Silver Medal.png Kills Gold Medal.png
Melee Kills Melee Kills Bronze Medal.png Melee Kills Silver Medal.png Melee Kills Gold Medal.png
Objective Score Objective Score Bronze Medal.png Objective Score Silver Medal.png Objective Score Gold Medal.png
Pistol Kills Pistol Kills Bronze Medal.png Pistol Kills Silver Medal.png Pistol Kills Gold Medal.png
Revives Revives Bronze Medal.png Revives Silver Medal.png Revives Gold Medal.png
Shotgun Kills Shotgun Kills Bronze Medal.png Shotgun Kills Silver Medal.png Shotgun Kills Gold Medal.png
Sniper Rifle Kills Sniper Rifle Kills Bronze Medal.png Sniper Rifle Kills Silver Medal.png Sniper Rifle Kills Gold Medal.png
Support Score Support Score Bronze Medal.png Support Score Silver Medal.png Support Score Gold Medal.png
Tech Power Kills Tech Power Kills Bronze Medal.png Tech Power Kills Silver Medal.png Tech Power Kills Gold Medal.png
Weak Point Kills Weak Point Kills Bronze Medal.png Weak Point Kills Silver Medal.png Weak Point Kills Gold Medal.png


Each character kit has the same XP requirements to go up a level regardless of the character and/or the rarity of the character. Current XP to next level for each character can be viewed in the Skills sub-menu on the Character Customization menu.

Level XP Required
1 0
2 11000
3 33000
4 66000
5 111000
6 167000
7 234000
8 312000
9 401000
10 502000
11 614000
12 737000
13 871000
14 1017000
15 1174000
16 1342000
17 1521000
18 1712000
19 1914000
20 2127000


Using a Character Respec card will only reset the skill points currently spent for the character. To reset a character to level 1 and delete all but 5 skill points, use Reset Level.

Avenger Strike (multiplayer) does not count towards the Combat Power Kills medal despite it showing as a Active Combat Skill Icon.png combat skill. This skill instead counts towards the Melee Kills medal.

Achievements and trophies[]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned for reaching a specific level: